Since the 1980s, the world of fashion has adorned their designer clothing and accessories in logos. Fashionistas and high society people alike want to show the world their wealth and status, and logos are the easiest way to do just that. However, in recent years there has been a noticeable decline in the presence of such flashy logos and blatant showing off. This subtle notion has many people wondering if the desire for designer accessories, specifically designer handbags, has started to wane and if luxury brands are losing their luster.

The best way to determine the accuracy of this hypothesis is to examine the culture in which designer handbags abound. The heavy usage of logos on designer handbags first started to surface in the 1980s, a time when women were flashy and the economy was booming. Additionally, this decade is when women were transitioning from being traditional housewives to entering the business world where they held powerful, prominent positions. With these new titles and important careers, women were becoming anxious to spend their new found wealth and show off the high status that they had attained. What better way to do so than by purchasing highly recognizable designer handbags? Women were flocking to fashion boutiques and high-end department stores to purchase attention. And that is when the logo craze began.

Now, decades later, women have been in the career field for years and it is not such a big deal for women to be in high positions. Females and the world alike have since grown used to the power and prominence they now hold. This has led to a shift in the image that women want to portray. In order for women to blend in and connect to their male counterparts, they want to give the same image that men have for years, which is a sleek, polished look. Since big, flashy logos are not something one would classify as sleek, professional women have begun turning away from them.

So what does this shift mean for designer handbags and their perceived image? Does it mean that their desirability has reached a halt in the minds of many women? Not at all. This phenomenon has led to the resurgence of subtle luxury. This means that women still want quality handbags and the designer name, but they do not feel that they have to so blatantly show off their accomplishments anymore. Instead of buy a Fendi with the large Zucca print all over it, they may instead go for the Dr. B Tote that is a simple purse made of luxurious leather. By doing this, they are still purchasing luxury, but they are doing it in a less in-your-face way. This method proves to peers that they are successful and wealthy, but are down to earth with their accomplishments.

So, to answer the question of the curious pessimists – no, luxury brands are not losing their luster, they are instead taking a shift in design and appearance. Designer handbags are still highly coveted items that make women swoon whenever they see one. However, since they are so expensive many people can not afford them.

The great news is that there are online stores such as Queen Bee of Beverly Hills that offer designer handbags at a discount. This allows women to attain the professional look they want without spending a fortune. Check it out today and start turning heads asap!

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