Recently, the world’s fashion giant Versace announced the closure of its number of stores in Japan, and the desire to gradually reduce its Presence in the Japanese market. Meanwhile, Prada, Chanel announced the layoff of one into, Gucci’s Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen’s were closed in Japan, and Russia and some other important market stores. LV Group, the small brand Celine is not to open new stores through to achieve cost control. In contrast, H & M, ZARA and other low-cost fashion but in the vast market, including China, triumph, we can not help asking: how the luxury goods?

Luxury brands is shrinking

Since the international financial crisis, the world of fashion began to erratic winds.

Well-known luxury brand Versace’s Medusa head mark a lot of people know. The company recently said that too for two years under a restructuring plan to cut 350 jobs, equivalent to the total number of employees 1 / 4. Under the plan, it will reconsider its worldwide store network, reduce its number of stores in Japan. The cost-cutting plan clearly shows the decline in global luxury expenditure, for small family businesses hardest hit. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Prada said the cuts among the 3,000 employees of Italy after 210 hours of work last week, has begun to allow them to work full-time work. Chanel also cut 200 jobs, equivalent to 10% of the total number of factory workers.

Industry, larger multi-brand groups, such as Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton, PPR’s Gucci Group, but also through the sharing of resources to pay more attention to reduce fixed costs. Gucci Although the first half of this year, the modest profit growth, but it’s based on the Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney and McQueen brands closed in key markets such as Japan and Russia in the number of shops on the basis of. Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton, a senior official told reporters Group presented its data to a laptop computer, which will show them all of its brand advertising in China, the tracking details of the 15 media, they increasingly more attention to the details of these inputs and practical value, and by integrating the procurement and marketing to achieve cost control.

The resemblance between the two groups lies in the whole group, there are one or two flagship luxury brand, they are profitable, and the market in good condition. Then followed a group of not very profitable niche luxury brands, their meaning of existence more and more like chicken.

“Fast fashion” popular

In the luxury brand in decline when it comes to H & M, ZARA, represented by the sale of cheap and trendy clothing company is triumph. Do not need to travel and see the front door and the Xidan commercial district in which the two fashion stores in most people, H & M and ZARA bear the brunt. Even the H & M stores Xidan the door seems to have become the main entrance of the Greater Joy, a lot of fashionable white-collar workers have developed a first visit H & M, and then from the internal channel into the Joy City shopping habits, the two store’s cash register is always row of the long queue waiting to check that scene than in the winter the restaurant is also famous for Yang Xiezai greater.

Reporter observed for several days, these “fast fashion” concept in Europe for consumer brand new almost every day to shop. They keep luxury brands over the past four fashion weeks in the latest release of the latest trends and relatively inexpensive with decent fabrics and workmanship to be re-looked at interpretation, and then marked so that consumers can accept the price the public quickly hanging store sales. They do not even have the Treasury, all the costumes have a count one, sell all hang out. This saves costs and also speed up the transfer speed. Now they are more fashion, H & M and the internationally renowned designer Jimmy Choo (Jimmy Choo) co-brand series, has been hanging up their stores in Beijing. They had gone from “me too” out of the original phase, starting from the design level direct dialogue with the luxury brands.

Xidan, a girl took a fancy to H & M store, a scarf, but did not immediately buy into the 2nd floor on her to see if there is no more beautiful, decided to turn back the time of purchase, the scarf was already out of stock . Shopping guide told her that tomorrow will come new, but it will not come to this paragraph, who do not know.

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