The suburbs near New York City, a Japanese woman of high pitched shrill voice, drowned in the noisy crowd, I saw her hand across the classic LV bag, wearing a Chanel dress, hands also provide full Burberry, Coach , Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Gucci shopping bags …

Outlet of the ultra-low discount and detonated a strong desire to purchase consumer

The suburbs near New York City, a Japanese woman piercing sound of high pitched, drowned in the noisy crowd, I saw her hand across the classic LV bag, wearing a Chanel dress, hands also provide full Burberry, Coach , Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Gucci shopping bags, flexible petite figure in a crowded shuttle. If you look closely, you will find most people here, both hands full of shopping bags carry the harvest is quite rich … …

Yes, this is America’s largest outlet shopping mall in eastern Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, although this is not New York City outlets, but has no way inferior to the prosperous and popular New York City, and its traffic even with the famous first comparable to Fifth Avenue, which we can operate from Toronto Chinese tour groups every week to see the figures:

For example, East Asia, travel agents, Taian travel agencies, large class travel agencies, travel agencies and other horses in their group day tour of New York and the Manhattan sightseeing or shopping tour, were especially stressed the Woodbury Outlet Mall is essential to one of the attractions, they Every two to three times a week the group, especially the end of November to 12 months between the Christmas holiday week, we increase the number of times a group to meet consumers interested in shopping, travel south. To meet the shopaholic tourists, some travel agencies in particular made it clear to stay here less than 6 hours.

In addition, near Los Angeles, California Camarillo Premium Outlets, near Atlanta, Georgia, North Georgia Premium Outlets, Nevada Las Vegas Premium Outlets, and Florida, Orlando Premium Outlets discount brands, and the scene is on fire. Such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Estee Lander, Lancome and other luxury brands, sales in outlet stores cheaper than the price of 5-6 fold, and even as low as 1 fold, top-brand discount, so many consumers crazy, but is the detonation of a large number of foreign visitors enthusiasm.

Future: LV, VII, Maria Galland and other luxury goods, outlet structure may also be included

Outlet of the popular, attracting a large number of luxury presence, and even some brand also opened a separate outlet, such as CaLVin Klein and Coach. Why are so big favor Outlet? On the one hand, outlet goods cheaper than the counter several times the price, and discount psychological, stimulate and satisfy the consumers desire to buy luxury goods, on the other hand, outlet for the luxury opened a new sales channels to address the seasonal a result of a large number of replacement stock, to a certain extent, but to restore the price of luxury goods sales limited losses. Outlet of the fire, both for the consumer, or the luxury brands, have great appeal.

Outlet does attract a part of the brand, but there are a few luxury brands did not enter the outlet, such as clothing brand Louis Vuitton, Hermes would never discount, nor did it appear in the outlet, As pure make-up brand VII, Maria Galland also is also true. Outlet charm, does not seem to attract them, and analyzes the reasons attributed to that is because “no.”

All along, LV always adhere to the “never discount”, and refused to enter the outlet. HVMH Louis Vuitton Group’s public relations department said that, like title, name, badges and other symbols used to be the aristocracy, as is the luxury brand’s symbolic significance in the success and prosperity, which are not through the “discount” to achieve.
Relative to the LV euphemism, VII is even more straightforward, the company has said, VII of the product only in beauty club regular sales, and outlet is not suitable for us, we are mainly the skin and for each customer requirements for customization to meet different customer needs, so few have the backlog of goods, natural products do not need to deal with outlet. Moreover, outlet of the discount, promotion, and may reduce the brands quality, damage the brand image, so the brand becomes cheaper, this is not a wise choice.

Oscar de la Renta, but the person in charge did not agree with this view that the outlet will not lower his brand of style, brand value and the discount between the high and low, and not directly linked, are Oscar de la Renta at the outlet because of the discount, is not a luxury it? He added that, outlet is the future development trend of luxury brands, even if very few brands do not accept the outlet of the model, but the main trend of outlet will not change, more and more brands are rooted in the outlet settled. Perhaps in the near future, along with economic development, it will be possible to break a small number of luxury goods to be excluded from the outlet outside of this pattern.

However, the big picture, it really can be all out luxury “outlet

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