Makeup for Mature Skin

Skin changes as we change, especially when it comes to the production of oil. Mature skin produces less oil than younger skin, causing it to look dry and uneven. There can be other problems associated with mature skin, such as saggy skin or hyper-pigmentation. But just because you’re not young anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have a flawless complexion. There are many options of makeup for mature skin and knowing how to prep your skin will help you achieve youthful results.

Whether you’re dealing with dry skin or hyper-pigmentation, there are ways you can treat and prepare mature skin for makeup. The professionals at Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry offer the following tips on how to prep mature skin for makeup.

Use products that hydrate your skin. Whether you’re cleansing, toning, orapplying serum,make sure that youuse products that are according to your skin type. Since most mature skin lacks oil and might appear dry, consider purchasing products that won’t strip away the moisture you have left. Avoid toners or cleaners with alcohol and purchase a serum designed to hydrate your skin.

Purchase a face primer. There’s a relatively new product in town, and it’s called a face primer. The purpose of a good face primer is to help other products glide easily onto the skin, so essential anyone can use it. However, certain skin types such as mature skin types and sun-damaged skins can really benefit from using face primers.

Correct hyper-pigmentation spots. Once your face is cleansed, toned, you’ve applied serum, moisturizer, and a face primer, it’s time to cover up the dark spots on your skin before applying your foundation. Purchase a heavy-duty concealer to conceal any areas that might be darker than others.

The tips mentioned above are also helpful for students attending fashion or special effects makeup artist school.

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is one of the leading make up artistry schools in the nation, offering programs in fashion and production. It is also one of the only licensed and accredited makeup schools in South Florida.

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