As much as many people love receiving gifts of jewelry, some people go a step further and make their own jewelry. It’s the only guarantee, after all, that they’ll end up with the exact piece of jewelry they want. Rather than limiting yourself to the selection of jewelry in stores, your own effort and creativity can be put into making something truly unique. One of the ways that you can do this, is by making your own Swarovski crystal pendants.

The look and feel of the jewelry is only limited by a person’s creativity, but they’ll need equipment and tools to make it. These include wires, clasps, strings and of course real or synthetic gemstones like the Swarovski pendants. These beauties are sold from specialty vendors like Too Cute Beads. Swarovski has been making its spectacular, brilliant beads since 1895. They’re not only used for high end jewelry but as the crystals for chandeliers and wall sconces as well as curios. Some people might hang them in their windows to sparkle in the sunlight. The crystals are faceted like real gems and can even be fashioned into imitation pearls.

The amazing variety of pendants can be made into bracelets, earrings, necklaces or even sewn into clothing. They of course can be replacements for lost crystals in crystal chandeliers. Among the beautiful crystals are heart-shaped pendants in turquoise blue and deep red, pendants that are made like lilac colored quarter moons and spring green leaves and pendants that are shaped like tiny, magenta butterflies. There are pendants in the shapes of disks, rings, triangles, crosses and squares. Some of the pendants have fascinating, irregular shapes. Some come in traditional pear or round shape, and many are wildly iridescent. There are baroque pendants that at first seem traditional till the buyer notices they’re etched with a paisley figure in the center. They would make quite a stir if a guest looked up and saw them hanging from what used to be an old fashioned chandelier.

But crystals as showy as those created by Swarovski might need the balance of more sedate findings. These can include clasps made out of stainless steel or other metal, strands made out of leather, colorful ceramic beads and rubber o-rings. Of course, some people collect these pendants and other Swarovski crystals just to have them. They may make something out of them one day, but for now their unique beauty is enough.

There’s also joy in making jewelry for other people or setting up a small jewelry making business. A great way to earn additional income is to sell your custom made jewelry to your network of friends, family and referrals. It is also very easy to reach a larger audience by setting up an ecommerce site and selling online! Gifting your jewelry in another benefit of creating your own piece. Rather than stressing over what to buy a friend or family member as a gift, you can create a unique piece that suits there style and personality. This is the most thoughtful type of gift that will always be appreciated by the recipient.

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