Chanel bags of different materials have different maintenance methods.Skin like leechee, is called the calf. Chanel bag is one of the most durable leather. Basically, the SA counters suggest that you avoid the rain, refrain from contact with cosmetics and so on. If you do not “abuse” bags, the bags with this skin do not need special maintenance. Lambskin, compared with the leechee skin, more delicate. In particular, the texture is quite soft, so use carefully, and refrain from any contact with sharp things. Bag chain when not used should be incorporated into the bag as soon as possible; otherwise it is easy to leave scratches in the package cover. Package and other items such as keys, must be put into the small bag inside as soon as possible. Metallic leather, this metal color is in the bag to complete the last step in paste up, therefore, incorrect use and easy to fall off. You should try not to apply any spray or any other waterproof leather care products on the bags with Metallic leather. Do not often come up when the dust bag at least one month with one day to allow the leather to normal “breathing.” Also, try to avoid exposure to flow through the sweat bag body. Chanel bags with canvas. Stains can be sent to counter the best cleaning.   Chanel dedicated professional cleaning foam Have you tried to stick to blue jeans on the bag? Some do not know where to rub to the masonry track? Thousands of bags always feel a bit sorry. So this is the right thing, especially for such a canvas class like Chanel bags, which have a large capacity, a bubble-like. Brush with time as long as the foam and then sprayed with a little brush long dirty place, dirty things to it until after the wipe with a dry towel on it, rubbing the time Do not drag, as long as the printed dry on it. I remember not too hard, the other, the amount is less, no water to wash off.   Users should be responsible for your bags The reason why there will be problems arising bag, the cause for almost all users use the bags are slightly wrong side, so regardless of any bags problems, the first point we must review the use of its own, so as to used to identify the wrong way, to turn over, it can prevent injuries happen again. Hope these small tips can help, and you Chanel would be company with you for a longer time!

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