Meditation is not an easy. One exerts a lot of effort to breathe properly and to get rid of distracting thoughts. If you don’t feel centered, even the simplest of things can draw you away from Yoga.

Being centered is being present to enjoy the physical sensation of any activity, and if you’re disturbed, you know where you’ve left off, you know where to go back to.  

The good thing is that you can practice it even if you’re not doing your yoga poses. There are activities at home which can help you feel centered. Once you have a grip on your mind and body, meditation while doing yoga will be a breeze.

Finding time for Meditation or Yoga

To make something happen, you have to make time for it. Squeeze in some personal time, no matter how busy you think you are. If you really want to do yoga, do it first thing in the morning. Do it before checking your work emails or heading out to the office. Do you have afternoon breaks in the office? Try spending some time along just to meditate.

Preparing your Yoga Space

It doesn’t need to be large. As long as you don’t bump into something when you do your Yoga poses, it’s good. Find the best spot to do Yoga by trying out your poses in the ideal parts of your home. Once you find it, store all your fitness tools there. Keep it quiet, clean, and uncluttered.

Engaging your senses

Give yourself a wonderful space to do your yoga. Use soft cushions, lay textiles that look and feel wonderful, hang sheer curtains, and display indoor plants. If you want, you can drop your favorite essential oil in the diffuser and turn it on when you’re ready for Yoga.

Invite a Yoga Buddy

You can include your best friend, parent, partner, or your child in your Yoga journey. It’s more fun when you share it with someone dear to you. Ask them once and if they show interest, draw them in. Don’t force them. If no one else is into Yoga like you, it’s okay. Just make sure that they don’t bother you when you’re doing your poses.

Doing Ephemeral art

Ephemeral art is an art that takes time to finish but lasts for a short time. With that being said, you need strong focus and accuracy to pull it off. The reveal of an Ephemeral art is always rewarding. Try creating your own Ephemeral art in your garden. Use rocks, flowers, sand, or leaves — the design is up to you.

Designing a Labyrinth

The world associates a labyrinth with spiritual seekers. I can’t blame them for the design is intricate, difficult, and complicated like our lives. However, those imperfections make it worthwhile.

Similar to the Ephemeral art, you can also make your own labyrinth outdoors. Use stones and tiles of different shapes and sizes. Feel free to create your own design or look for one online. When incorporating your labyrinth in your outdoor space, I suggest that you get help from a landscape architect. If you want it indoors, consult an architect. These design professionals can incorporate these intricate symbols in your space without them looking like an eyesore. Once your labyrinth is in ready, slowly walk on it  while doing your breathing exercises. 

Preparing your own meals

Meal time is more special when you cook your own food. It’s one way to slow down and appreciate what you have. Also, cooking is a good way to practice your focus.

Setting up a writing nook — then, write

This is something that helped me get rid of the thoughts that distract me from my goals. I write them down in my journal as if I’m talking to a real person. It’s just spontaneous writing.

Reminding yourself of something that makes you calm

If there’s something in your home that makes you feel good, display it. Whether it’s a quote, a souvenir from an unforgettable trip, a painting, or a furniture, I want you to incorporate it into your home design. Make it obvious. Make sure that you see it every day and go back to it when you think you need to uplift your spirits.

Soaking in a relaxing bath

I have a friend who told me that she meditates while taking a bath. She gets in her tub and meditates while she’s soaked in lukewarm water. To enhance this experience, you can drink hot tea or light up some scented candles. It’s a personal spa treat at a very low cost.

How about you? What other activities can help you improve your meditation? Share it with us in the comment section below.

Author bio:

Charlene Ara Gonzales is a design writer from Superdraft Pty. Ltd. in Australia. She covers any topic related to human-centered design. Personally, she wants people to know how they can create spaces that are suitable for them, their family, and their pets.

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