There are many people that get in touch with us to find out how they can cleanse all of the main Chakras and which is the best way to go about it, I am giving you hear a step by step guide on how you can balance and cleanse each Chakra.

Once you have relaxed and entered into meditation I want you to clear your mind of all thoughts and then imagine that you have roots coming out of the bottom of your feet and traveling down into the ground beneath you.

Take your time doing this part of the exercise because it is the foundation for the rest of the exercise that follows, this is your way of grounding yourself to earth and should be the first thing you do every time you do meditation especially if you do psychic work .

See in your mind a ball of brilliant white lite that is turning in a clockwise direction and is way out somewhere in the universe, from this ball of light you see a beam of silver white lite travel down and enter your head at the crown and then forms another ball turning clockwise.

Now this swirling light that is at the crown chakra starts to move down to the third eye Chakra and as it does it gradually changes color to bright indigo. Meditate on this color knowing that as you concentrate it is balancing and cleansing the third eye Chakra.

After meditating on the third eye move the light down in a straight line changing the colour as you do to a bright blue and coming to rest at the throat. Meditate on this light as it is turning and see it balances and cleanses the throat Chakra.

Next move the light down to the heart Chakra which is green and do the same, changing the colour as you move down and then meditating on the Chakra knowing that it is balanced and cleansed.

The next Chakra to be balanced and cleansed is the solar- plexus Chakra located between the heart and the belly button, the colour is bright yellow. Start moving the ball of light down and change the colour to yellow and bring it to rest at the solar-plexus Chakra. Keep it spinning and balance and cleanse the Chakra.

Next move this light down to the area around the belly button which is the sacral Chakra and the colour associated with it is bright orange, meditate on this Chakra being cleansed and balanced and when you know you have finished and it has been completed start moving the light down to the base Chakra.

The base Chakra is situated between the legs and the colour is bright red. Know that as the light moves down it changes to red and when it reaches the base Chakra I want you to meditate on the light balancing and cleansing the Chakra.

At this point in the meditation you want to meditate on the light changing the colour to a brilliant white light and see it travel down and enter the earth. Your entire Chakra system is now cleansed and balanced.

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