For us men, shopping for clothes can feel more confusing than a complex algebraic equation. Sometimes it feels like we are walking for days on end, stumbling our way through a retail maze of shops; lucky to come back home with a simply pair of black jeans at the end of the day. What infuriates us men more though, is our other half suggesting a tonne of items which would look great on us…if we simply had the physique of Christian Hemsworth! However, men, do not fret – you are not alone in your worries.

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What you should know is that we now live in a time where it is hugely acceptable form men to take pride in one’s appearance. The rise of metrosexuality has made it ok to hit the gym for vanity, style our hair to a tee, flick through our housemate’s ASOS catalogue and even look after our skin with a variety of products….why not get a helping hand in picking out our clothes? It’s certainly better than having your girlfriend nag at you through the clothing rails in Topshop, or even having your mum pick out a lovely Christmas jumper that you will never wear. Here are some top tips for us men to get the most out of your shopping experience.

Try something new

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It’s so easy to finish a day’s worth of shopping and only have a pair of trousers and a few t-shirts to show. Why not switch your clothing style up a bit? Open your mind and let your personal shopper take your through some different styles and ideas. We men aren’t very good at imagining at what items look like when off the rack, so your stylist will be able to throw together a few different items to make a great outfit which you have never even thought of before.

Open your mind

If you approach personal shopping with a closed mind (EG – “I don’t like certain colours or patterns”), you will be shooting yourself in the foot. A personal shopper’s job is to take a look at you and make you look good! At the end of the day, a personal shopper wants you to spend money – they wouldn’t suggest clothes that wouldn’t suit you. We live our lives engrained in the same clothing habits; do yourself a favour, open your mind and break out! There’s nothing wrong with trying on whatever they suggest, you can always say no. If you have a certain style that you want to pursue, inform your personal shopper; more often than not they will be able to pluck out a whole range of items for you.

Invest in your wardrobe

Set a budget for yourself and inform your shopping assistant of it. Yes, you can get some great stuff at topman and to pull off a great look you might need to dig a bit deeper into your wallet. A great personal assistant will find ways to make outfits look amazing at low costs, but there always be items which cost more due to quality. If you are looking for a whole wardrobe revamp, it may cost a bit of money – but think of how good you will look in future.

All in all, just remember to trust your personal assistant. If you do, the compliments won’t stop rolling in.

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