Fashion is something that develops and changes as time passes by. Thus, there are some concepts about fashion which may be out of date and misleading. Below are such misunderstandings of fashion that needs avoiding:

Shoes and handbag of the same color

Many women think that that the combination of shoes and handbag in terms of the same color is a good idea which originated from the 1950s. However, it is the thing of the past. Moreover, the same color in such way may lead to misimpression.


Shoes and handbag are of the same color


Do not use leather accessories in summer

If you think that using leather accessories in summer is misleading, you should change your mind. To be specific, not using leather accessories for three moths is a waste of your money and this expensive material. Therefore, you may have a little change by using laminated leather and bright color accessories in summer.


Use leather accessories in summer


Do not wear the clothes in white

The idea of wearing the clothes in white is sometimes considered to be misunderstanding of fashion. On the contrary, wearing clothes and accessories in white even makes you more confident and suitable in every season.


Vic in white clothes


Do not wear a red dress in combination of red dyed hair

It is true that if your hair is red, you should be careful when choosing red clothes. However, you may select yourself a dress in reddish color, which can not spoil your style.


It is a good idea to combine a reddish dress with your red dyed hair


Do not combine your legging with your open-toed shoes

On the contrary, it is quite stylish when you combine your legging with your open-toed shoes. This combination not only makes you more charming but also warm in cold wather.


You may wear legging and open-toed shoes


Do not combine jewelry made of various metals

It is a good and creative idea that you can wear lots of jewelries such as rings, bracelet, necklace, and so on which are made of various metals. Metals which can be applied as accessories can varied from bronze to gold or silver.



You may use jewelry made of various metals


Do not combine black with brown or navy blue clothes

You can combine neutral colors such as black or brown together. Moreover, a navy blue dress goes with a black shirts reveals your lively beauty and your own unique style.


The combination of black and navy blue is creative

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