Fashion is what defines each of us. If fashion is how we carry ourselves, then what we carry on our shoulder matters. Whether looking for vintage or haute couture, setting the trend or following it, what better way to set yourself apart than by slinging a Miu Miu bag over your shoulder.
Women all over the world love to watch models saunter down a runway. Women realize that there is more to fashion that clothing. We define ourselves by displaying what makes us feel good, look good and we take it to the streets and we take it home with us. Handbags have a long history of completing any outfit. Often it is a case where the accessories, such as shoes, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, make the outfit.
Miu Miu has been a label under the Prada brand since the early nineties. The Miu Miu design is set apart from Prada by being popular with younger females, including many celebrities. It is not uncommon to see Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Reese Witherspoon and many other famous people with one of these bags over their shoulder. No matter how dressed down they are, the latest style in handbag on their shoulder tends to help get them noticed.
Another part of the popularity is the many materials, styles, colors and sizes that these bags come in. From hobo to tote, from shoulder bag to clutch, there is a size and style to suit every fashion conscious lady. And every bag is made of the highest quality, mostly soft leathers. This season the bags are classic in shape and style, but there are a few which are jewelled and quilted.
The name Miu Miu came about due to the nickname of the Prada founders granddaughter. The popularity of the label is partly due to the targeted audience of young female consumers and celebrities, but it is also popular because of its availability. Seen in many store windows, and in many fashion magazines, consumers can purchase their own fashion accessory in stores around the world on online.
With Italian names such as Nappa Aviator, Cervo, Madras, and Matelasse, these bags are high quality. Many are made from Nappa leather which is a full grain leather, noted for its softness. Each year the designers come up with an entirely new and unique range, which celebrities and consumers eagerly await.
The most appealing and attractive aspect to this brand is the exceptional quality while being less expensive than Prada. And as more and more consumers demand luxury and affordability this brand will continue to rise in popularity. If a fashion conscious consumer owns only one exceptional fashion accessory, the Miu Miu bag is the one.

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