It is quite interesting to notice that most attractive and sought-after women are not naturally pretty or beautiful; in fact they just know how to make their best assets prominent and to hide what may be their worst assets. These women are well groomed and tidy, and most importantly they know the art of dressing up according to their body types. Every woman has a different body, which makes it clear that everything that looks good on some may not look good on all.

Just like all attractive women may not be naturally beautiful, in the same way all naturally beautiful women may not seem much attractive. This is because of their lack of understanding about what suits them. It is important to dress up to look pretty and beautiful, but at the same time it is also important to dress up according to your age and physique. Imagine an overweight woman wearing a short skirt that reveals her thunder thighs! In this case, the skirt must be trendy and stylish but the physique is all that matters the most.

Before you pick your Miu Miu dress, go through the following list of 6 different female body types to understand which body type is yours:

Pear Shaped

Here lower part is heavier than the upper part. Dresses that emphasize the upper part should be worn. A-line skirts, straight cut trousers, and vertical patterns on the lower half will be best suited. Dresses that highlight the hips should be avoided.

Apple Shaped

Here the upper body portion is larger than the lower. Weight gain is mostly around the waist line and legs are sleek. If you have apple shaped figure, do not wear dresses that emphasize on broad shoulders and waist, rather show off the legs. Remember that your dresses should be shapely but not tight fitted.

Hourglass Figure

This is a perfect figure where the curves at the bust and hips are proportionate with the slender waistline just like an hourglass. Dresses emphasizing on the narrow waistline to make the curves prominent should be picked. Wide legged trousers could be a better choice than the tight pants. You can go for jumpers, waist defined dresses and high raised pants and skirts.

Athlete Built Body

Everything complements easily with this body shape. Here the proportion of the body is well balanced.

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