In the whole collection of Louis Vuitton, there are various kinds of bags for us, from the basic materials to multiple variations of appearance; they provide large and wide choices for theirs customers. Multicolor line is a magical creative work of Takashi Murakami; its colorful and brilliant images give us a profound impression, which attracts attentions of lots of people. Louis Vuitton Noe Bag impresses others by its significant shape and origin. Maybe you will be curious when you see it at the first time, and raise the following questions: how and why did the names come into being?
Regarding its name, initially Noe line are related to the bags which are used for attaching champagne; we usually think of France as a beautiful country with delicious food and romantic people, among the food part, champagne enjoys a great part and has already won a good reputation for its high quality, as the shape of bag is very special, so LV designers get the inspiration from it, why not apply it to Louis Vuitton bags ? That will be rich in special characters, so Louis Vuitton Noe bag came out.
Noe bag are originally designed for putting the champagne, after the diverse change, now, this collection has been used widely, not only for champagne, but also for daily use. Besides, designer combines Noe shape bag with multicolor patterns, which greatly adds its glamour, its very suitable for the fashionable people who are unique and have their characters. In the multicolor series, there mainly exist two large kinds, black and white color; Louis Vuitton Petit Noe is made of black multicolor patterns, which may serve as a foil to the flower patterns, in order to make it more clear and attractive.
There is one more important point, that is the retractable drawstring on its each side, which could be used for changing its shape, tightens the drawstring, its top closure will become safer to add its security, and the top open and close is very convenient. Saying from the integrated whole, Louis Vuitton Noe bag at http://www.bagsight is very cute and compact; in the meanwhile it provides enough capacity for us to hold our staff. Have you fallen in love with it? If so, why not visit our LV online store and enjoy yourselves?

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