Nail Care

Nail Care


It is estimated that around 20% of people suffer from fragile nails (more women than men). Fragile nails are often hereditary, but can also be placed to several lifestyle factors including the constant wearing of nail polish, poor diet, exposure to heat or harsh chemicals, including detergent (causing nails to dry out), as well as too much moisturizer or long periods in water (causing nails to be too soft).


· Keep nails out of hot water; use washing up gloves

· Use hand cream regularly, particularly after washing your hands as most soaps will dry out your hands. You can use apple cider vinegar soak to avoid fungal infection in nails.

· Limit your use of nail polish remover. If you wear nail polish regularly try to remove it no more than once a week, and use as little of the solution as possible

· If you only wear clear nail polish because you like the smooth satin finish, instead use a buff to make your nails shine. The result lasts longer and won’t dehydrate your nails. Plus the friction of a buffer actually stimulates nail growth.

· When filing your nails going back and forth is a sure way to weaken your nails. Instead go from the corner to the centre in one direction repeatedly.

· Going back and forth with a nail buffer will also damage your nails. It’s so easy and quick to get that beautiful shine this way, but stop for a moment and think of the long term effect.

· Make sure nails are clean, dry and free of oily lotion before applying nail polish.

When applying nail polish

· Always use base coat to keep nail polish strong and less likely to chip

· Allow time for your nails to dry properly before applying the next coat. (For heaven’s sake, don’t start painting your nails half an hour before heading out the door.)

· Apply a top coat once your nail polish is completely dry, and continue to do this daily to keep your nails in their best condition

by Luke Sutton, Image Consultant, Personal Shopper & Stylist- 

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