That sporting event that you have been dying to attend is just around the corner but you are still fretting and wondering what you should wear as a spectator. So, how do you decide what is trendy and appropriate and what you should avoid? While specific sports and tournaments may have their own rules on what you can and can’t wear, the basic rules for dressing to events are simple, and as long as you stick to them, you will make a classy style statement, without looking as if you have come for a wedding/funeral/rock show. The key is to keep in mind the kind of sporting event you are going to so that you can nail your look accordingly.

Here are our tips on what to wear when you go to a sporting event as a spectator:

Tennis: Comfortable and stylish

Nail your look as a sports spectator

Smart and comfortable are the key words here. White is what most players wear (Wimbledon again has a strict all-white code for players), but you don’t need to stick to that. You can opt for light colours that don’t distract – light blues, peaches, lavender, light pinks and sunny yellows – depending on what complements your skin colour. A jumpsuit is a wonderful option to wear for a match – its comfortable, yet classy. Midi dresses – neither too long nor short – are also great for tennis matches. Avoid short skirts if you are in the spectator stands, the last thing you would want to do is keep shifting your legs around because your dress is too short. If you are in the corporate box though, you would need to dress up more formally – a sophisticated summer dress, dress shorts or a pair of smart pants would do – comfortable and classy. Opt for cotton or linen as you would be spending a lot of time under the sun.

Shoes: Comfort plays an important role when you pick your outfit as a tennis spectator. You would need to walk quite a distance from the car park to the tennis court and climb up and down the grandstand to reach your seat, hence high heels, though fashionable, may not be such a good idea. Instead, opt for loafers, tennis shoes or a pair of sporty sandals instead. Do keep in mind, tournaments such as Wimbledon, have strict rules on what players and spectators are allowed to wear, and flip-flops are not allowed.

Accessorise: A tote or a smart sling bag which is big enough to fit your water bottle, sunscreen and other essentials would be ideal. Don’t forget to take your sunglasses and apply sun screen as you would be out in the sun the whole time.

Horse racing: Trendy

Nail your look as a sports spectator

Now this is one sporting event where fashion comes second only to the actual horse racing event. Since most racing events require that a certain amount of decorum be followed, it is best to avoid wearing anything too tight, short or revealing.

In summer, nothing speaks better of racing fashion than a pretty summer dress. You can either go for the monochromatic look, or mix and match. Pair plain blouses with a bold print skirt or go for a monochromatic jumpsuit – chic. You can also experiment with a colour block dress –combine vibrant colours such as pink, blue and orange, just go ahead and see which colours go with your skin tone. Winter is a great time to experiment with your blouses and sleeves, since you would always be covering them with a jacket, cape or shawl. You can opt for blouses with ruffles, full sleeves or draped sleeves. Winter is also a time when you can experiment with different colours such as maroon, deep purple, orange, mustard and the traditional white, black and grey.

While high heels may look really pretty with your dress, you really would not want the heels to dig into the grass. So, if you are looking at comfort as a factor, opt for flat heeled ballet slippers, pumps or solid heeled wedges instead. For men, nothing talks of good looks during horse racing day than well-fitted suits. You can either stick to the traditional navy/grey or black colours, or experiment a bit. You can also play around with your shirt and tie colours – go simple and minimalistic or liven things up by mixing bold colours and abstracts.

Accessorise: One of the biggest aspects of dressing up for the races is accessorising. A hat or a headpiece is a must at almost all races. However, before you go shopping for one, find out what specifications need to be followed for the particular race. Also, make sure that your headpiece complements your overall look, and does not seem as if it has been thrown in at the last minute. That said, there is no need to restrict yourself to dull pieces, you can experiment with the designs – go for metallic crowns, statement headpieces, wide brimmed hats, boater hats, designer millinery or dainty pillbox hats.

Golf: Smart casual

Nail your look as a sports spectator

Most tournaments have a no-denim policy and golf is a conservative game so avoid wearing jeans, gym shorts, low cut blouses, short skirts, tight tee shirts, blingy accessories, or flashy designer clothing. To avoid distracting the players, light colours with earthy tones are preferred. Another aspect you need to keep in mind is the weather, as you would be outdoors most of the time. During summers, khaki pants, golf shorts or skirts, polo shirts would be great. Loose fitting, cotton or linen shirts, in sober colours, will help you keep cool, as the day progresses. And, during the rains or in case it is windy, a windbreaker and rain jacket would also be a good option. While choosing your socks opt for regular athletic ones.

Shoes: As a spectator to a game of golf, you would have to be ready to do a lot of walking and standing, as you follow the players around the course. So, make sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. It might not be the best idea to buy a new pair of shoes just before the game – you would not want to get shoe bites as you trudge up and down the course. You can wear a pair of tennis or walking shoes, sturdy sandals or strong loafers, which will allow you to walk a lot without pinching your feet. Heels are again best avoided – you would not want to trudge through wet grass wearing stilettos. Since some patches in the shaded area can be wet, a pair of waterproof shoes might be useful. While there is a lot of discussion on whether you can wear golf shoes on the course, as a spectator, the best advice would be to avoid wearing it. Boots and shoes with hard spikes are not recommended and may not be allowed, and flip flops are a big no-no as well.

What to carry: You will be walking a lot during tournament day, so there are a few things that you would be better off carrying to ensure that you have a comfortable time. These include a pair of good binoculars, so that you can track the players better, sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat or a visor, sunglasses, an umbrella or raincoat (during the rains) and water will offer you protection against the elements, when you are out in the open.

Ultimately, sporting events are meant to be occasions where you have fun and root for your player. So, once you are done with deciding on your wardrobe, stop fretting over it and just enjoy the game.


Author Bio: I am Emily Connor, 26 year old psychology student, and a content contributor at Quality Dissertation Writing Help.

My interests range from productivity, inspiration to reading anything motivational over the internet. I love dogs over cats and music over talking.

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