Temari Art

These spiremes with irregular shapes are very valuable and are high representative. They are all hand tied and can be thrown and played with. Temari was originated from China several hundred years ago, which consequently became a kind of Japanese traditional toy, as it is closely related to kimono. At that time, if a kimono was worn out, the remaining silk and adornment would be regarded as fragmentary raw material and made into this kind of toy ball, which was pretty popular among nobles and royal households. With the elapse of time, simple sewing gradually evolves into inwrought craft, and the design becomes increasingly exquisite and complicated. Along with it, crisscrossed purfle and well-designed color blending emerge. There are too numerous shapes to enumerate, such as triangular, square, diamond, stripes, star shapes and flower types. Temari in each area has its own characteristic, and Southern Japan is even proud of its exquisite Temari.

With the change in time, the materials for Children’s toys, juggling props, amulets, presents for birthdays, weddings, New Year or anniversaries, etc, are constantly updated. Meanwhile, Temari is also used in more and more occasions. Although it was once forgotten by people, now this kind of  spiremes with delicate surface and complex embroidery returns to our view. Stringed together with threads, the Temari ball gives a colorful sketch on the Hermes scarf, just like a mobile galaxy.
Designer: Nathalie Vialars
Language of silk
The Surrealists have created a game, the rule of which is very simple: each participant takes turns to write on a paper, fold the paper without disclosing the content to others, and then pass the paper to the next one, the rest will be done in the same manner. At last, the sentence composed in this way may be terribly odd. The first sentence of this game turns out to be the name of the game.
The sentence in this kind of kerchief also has double meanings—the font itself has a sense of beauty, and the text also implies a funny metaphor related to the kerchief. “Butterfly,” “cocoon”, “thread”, words like these may cause our imagination: a silkworm moth can produce more than 300 eggs. If you put them in 2 mulberry trees, you will get 300 cocoons, which can be made into silk thread with a length of 400 to 500 meters, then the silk thread can be woven into a silk scarf; words like “mythique”, “eternel” and “eingulier” make us think of mysterious females, for whom fashion silk scarves dress up their beauty. Through this word game, this scarf leads our thoughts from silkworm moths to cocoons and then to silk thread, finally to the mysterious women.
Designer: Virginie Jamin

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