By now, you’ve heard of Normcore. It’s less a trend than a very real fashion statement.

What is Normcore?

At it’s root, Normcore is bland, anti-fashion. Think white sneakers, loose, white t-shirts and gray sweatshirts. Everything unbranded. Nothing “skinny” or “slim”. Each piece can be bought in just about any city or village and doesn’t seem in any way new or trendy.

“Normcore moves away from a coolness that relies on difference to a post-authenticity that opt into sameness.”

Whereas hipsters were all trying to make a statement that they were different, Normcore followers are trying to fit in and blend into the noise.

What pieces are Normcore?

Think the most recent trend of joggers and very lux takes on the standard gray sweater. Loose cotton shirts in white, grey and black or the unbuttoned, loose plaid shirt. Boyfriend fit jeans or Levis 501s that are anything but “jegging” or “slim” in fit along with GAP khakis. With Normcore, you’re looking for pieces and patterns that aren’t attached to any specific fashion house or trend. Slim stripes in black and white would qualify as Normcore.

Normcore for Fall

For fall, think Max Mara’s open coats in heather grays and black along with navy blue pea coats and blazers. Stick to loose t-shirts and layer them with chambray button ups, plaid, or the simple white button down shirt. Sock with Birkenstocks are making full come back but if  those aren’t your thing, try Adidas sport slides or a luxury pair of leather slip ons. Stan Smiths, Adidas shell toes and the classic Converse All-Star are sneakers of choice but if you want a boot, look no further than the Doc Marten combat boot. Stick with natural materials such as wool, cashmere, and cotton and don’t let your color palette stray too far off from black, gray, white and navy blue. Remember, you’re going for “anti-fashion” in the most fashionable way. Normcore is about fitting in not looking frumpy or dressing sloppy.

Ready to go Normcore? Here are some of our favorite pieces:

1. Studio Nicholson Cashmere Gray Sweater

Normcore for Fall

2. The Row Jersey T-Shirt

Normcore for Fall

3. Burberry Short Tench Coat

Normcore for Fall

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