In modern times, a new term called “Night Divorce” has started to emerge between couples. Many people, aiming for a good night’s sleep to ensure productivity, mental health and well-being, are fleeing from their spouse! According to an article published by The Global and Mail, many couples are sleeping in different beds because of one partner’s earthshaking snores, diagonal sleeping, or difference in core body temperatures, nocturnal TV-watching habit, and even difference in views on the lighting. Other reasons may include a clash of work shifts and the arduous sleep training of a child.

However, all these reasons are not harmful for a relationship. Even John Gray, in his book Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, has explained that if men and women accept that they have very different, yet complementary, emotional and physical needs, by making small but crucial adjustments in their schedules, attitudes and techniques, partners can keep each other happy in the bedroom and in the relationship.

The problem arises when these factors start creating distances, not only in personal spaces, but in our hearts as well. Experts at Guzel Dezayns, known for their designer bedding, explain that the way the bedroom is done up plays a very important role in encouraging communication and intimacy amongst couples, which can minimize distances.

Here are a few common mistakes that couples should avoid in order to keep their relationship strong and healthy.

4 Bedroom Mistakes to Avoid


  1. Foregoing intimacy: Yes, intimacy is a must in relationships. It brings couples together. But what happens if there is a difference in the desire for intimacy? In many relationships, it is seen that one partner might not in a mood for intimacy or be too tired to have sex, while the other is craving closeness. This is where the bond between them starts to weaken and can lead to infidelity in severe cases.
  2. Paying more attention to gadgets: Did you know that people are spending more time with their smartphones than their partner? According to a study published in the Daily Mail, Brits spend 24 minutes every day browsing the internet, longer than anything else, even the time spend with their partner. They use another 16 minutes checking various social networks, 15 minutes listening to music and another 13 minutes playing games on their devices. Their obsession with the smartphone also makes them bring it to the bedroom and check it, rather than paying attention to their partner.
  3. Taking each other for granted: When you have lived with a person for years, it is obvious that you fall into a familiar routine. You stop doing those little things that made your partner feel special in the beginning of the relationship. Even one’s sex life starts feeling boring. All this can make one feel that they are being taken for granted and distance can creep in between the partners.
  4. Making intimacy routine: Did you know that sex and making love are two completely different things? After a few years in a relationship, people only have sex, they do not make love. When you are deeply in love with a person, the passion and desire for the other is reflected in your sex life, which makes each love making session memorable.


All the above mentioned mistakes will only weaken your bond over time. Communicating your feelings and needs to your partner can be the best course of action. In addition, make your bedroom a comfortable and inviting space by doing it up with designer bedding sets, luxury cushions & pillow covers. When you feel good in a space, your experiences will also be more satisfying.

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