From the Office to the Cocktail Bar: The Art of the Quick Change

Working in a busy city means you need to perfect the art of the quick change. What makes for a professional profile in the workplace doesn’t always fit the bill when you’re meeting friends after work, and the right outfit for chasing promotion isn’t always what you’d want to be seen in drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar. On top of that, you need to be managing your temperature too: the air conditioning in the office is rarely set perfectly for everyone so you need to be able to strip down or wrap up as the demands of the temperature dictate.

Moving seamlessly from a professional setting to a social one and being able to modulate that change subtly to make sure you can adapt to after work drinks with colleagues, which requires a modicum more of a conservative appearance than you might choose if you were truly off the clock.

Today let’s take a look at a few ways you can transform yourself without too much time or stress, so you can be ready for anything.

Layers of Layers

Try concealing one outfit below another. If you know you’re due for a stylish night out after work, put on your daring dress or a skirt with a up to the minute top. You can rely on the fact that office air-conditioning is set by default to an uncomfortably low temperature to layer your professional outfit on top – choosing from a few luxury sweaters to provide a more professionally suitable top and slipping on a pair of thicker tights won’t just make sure you look at your office-best, but also give you some much needed insulation from the blast of aircon set a few degrees too low for comfort.

Keeping Options at the Office

Sometimes events come up at short notice and if you’re not expecting them you might be left wondering what to do. If you have the luxury of having a locker or a few drawers to yourself at work, make sure you’ve got some emergency quick change gear in them.

Keep some shoes (either heels or flats – the opposite of what you normally wear to work!), and a change of top at least. It’s remarkable how you can change your look with only a few quick alterations.

On top of that, try redoing your hair before you leave the office. Getting ready to go out is as much psychological as physical. You need to switch gears and leave your work self behind. If you’ve been wearing your hair up, take it down or vice versa. Merely knowing you’ve changed will make a big difference and get you ready to be your social post-work self.

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