Winter is officially upon us and that means the world famous winter Olympics are just around the corner! Although the winter games are all about skilled sportsmanship and athleticism, style is definitely something which athletes and fans alike turn to, to show off their pride and support their team. Over the years, every country has designed unique uniforms that represent certain aspects of their culture, and 2014 is no different. This year, several countries have already unveiled what Olympians and Paralympians will be wearing in the opening and closing ceremonies in Russia, getting everyone excited for the big games as well as the cool new threads.


Image        Canada is one of the first countries to surprise the world by debuting their modern and trendy uniforms. Designers took a bit of inspiration from uniforms of past years and created chic duds that are casual yet bold! The uniforms consist of pea coats, jackets, hats, beanies, and mittens, providing athletes with cozy and fashionable uniforms to represent their country in. While Canada received some negative attention a few years ago for having their uniforms made in China, this year they proudly informed the world that the Canadian uniforms are made in their country. While these new duds feature red, white, and black, Canada’s primary colors, they also feature animals that are symbolic of the country such as beavers and bears! These uniforms make it easy for athletes and fans to cheer on their team and look stylish while doing so! Whether you plan on rooting for Canada in Russia or from the comfort of your living room, you can do so rocking the official mittens of 2014! offers these affordable mittens for everyone in the family, making it easy to show some serious team spirit!


Image        If you plan on shouting “go, team, go!” for the USA team this winter Olympics, then you’ll be pleased with the uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren! This highly noted designer has been creating team USA’s uniform for several years, and athletes couldn’t look more chic! Since Ralph Lauren is often considered the poster child for all-American style, the 2014 uniforms are made in the USA and convey a very classy style. The uniforms will consist of wool coats, turtle neck sweaters, and fleece pants in red, white, and blue and will be topped off with the famous polo logo. Additionally, the uniforms will be complemented with red-laced leather boots and duffle bags featuring patriotic patches. The USA uniforms combine classic style and are the perfect way for athletes and fans to keep warm and feel confident! If you can’t wait until February to get your hands on some USA gear, you don’t have to! I love the blue and red earflap hat from because you can wear it during and after the Olympics. Practical and Olympic-worthy accessories? Yes please!


Image        Russia is also on top of their game and have equally impressed fans by revealing their 2014 uniforms in Red Square last month. While the athletes’ red and white track suits are on the bold side and feature a large “RU” emblem on the front of the jacket, the opening and closing ceremony uniforms are a bit subdued. After being criticized for the previous games’ gaudy uniforms, Russia has gone with subtle red and black velvet blazers topped off with the Russian crest. The uniforms have appropriately been made in Russia, and they represent the country and athletes in a very traditional and stylish manner. If you want to pay tribute to the country hosting the big games, then their official uniform jacket is a must have! The jacket is modern, trendy, and features the “RU” emblem that all Russian athletes will be sporting in Sochi this February.  I’ve found a few sites online that currently carry the jacket, but I’ve seen the best deals on eBay and I’d imagine as the games get closer more deals will appear so keep your eyes peeled!


Image        What if you are a huge fan of the Olympic games, but aren’t interested in investing in official gear for a certain country? No problem! I myself am a huge supporter of the Olympic games and really enjoy watching the very talented men and women compete in the sport they are passionate about. When it comes to showing my support, I stay away from bold clothing supporting one particular team—it’s just not my style. I do, however, like adding items that support the Olympic games as a whole. If you want to add a little Olympic spirit to your wardrobe, then has the perfect 5-circle necklace! They offer this chic piece in silver, gold and rose gold and I love it! It’s the perfect way to show your support during the winter Olympics, but it’s also unique and dainty enough to wear all year round!


        While not all of us will get the opportunity to be in Russia during the 2014 Winter Olympics, all of us can show our support in the latest gear. Whether you want to add an official piece to your wardrobe and pay tribute to your favorite team, or you want to support the games in a modest fashion, 2014 is full of stylish and exciting pieces for athletes and fans to enjoy. The best part is, you don’t have to qualify for the games to get in on the awesome clothing!

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