Just as I was really getting into my yoga groove, September came and with that came autumn, going back to work full-time and holiday season in Asia. So although I was doing well going to rooftop yoga on the weekend, practicing on my own at home and regularly going to the studio, that all ended very abruptly after 8 days on holiday in Vietnam, 7 days in Germany for work, and coming back to 3 weeks worth of catching up in the office. Needless to say, I’ve been out of practice for a solid 3 weeks if not more.

While in Vietnam, we ventured out to Mui Ne and at the Anantara Resort, I was able to get in a very short yoga practice in the morning. It wasn’t as rigorous as I would have liked an it was only about 45 minutes, but it felt good to do yoga outside and to stretch in the warm sunshine.

In Hanover, Germany, I stumbled upon a yoga studio and was able to squeeze in a class on my one free day. The class was good and I was glad I brought my mat with me. I was able to take the class, but I was also able to do some light stretching each morning before going to work.

But that’s nothing compared to what I’ve gotten used to since I’ve started practicing. And my body is badly needing to be pushed and stretched once again.

I need to get back to a routine and back into sweating and feeling that exhilarating rush of exhaustion that comes with each shavasana at the end of a good practice. Being able to “leave it all on the mat.” I need more of that.


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