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Whether you’re waiting for the bus or sitting alone anxiously waiting for your date to arrive, finding ways to pass the time is something we do on a daily basis. As it’s estimated over half the world’s adult population now own a smartphone, what better way to pass the time than downloading some fun, high-tech apps!

From social media – to games – to getting organized, today’s plethora of apps is almost never ending. With 2.8 million apps available for download right now on Google Play alone, this array of choice can actually be more confusing than helpful if all you’re looking for is something simple to pass a few minutes of time. So, if you’re looking for new apps to try but aren’t sure which ones are worth a download, here are some of today’s top choices to make sure you always have something fun on-hand to pass the time with!

This or That

Super simple and ideal for passing the time, This or That is a user-friendly variation of the classic ‘would you rather’ game. Simply launch the app and you’ll be presented with a variety of different questions or scenarios in which you tap ‘this’ or ‘that’ dependent on which option you’d rather go for.

You can then compare your answer to others using the app to see whether yours was a popular choice, and can even share your answers and create your very own questions through Facebook too! As This or That isn’t technically a game, it’s not particularly addictive which makes it an ideal option to pass the time without becoming too involved.

Coloring Book for Me & Mandala

Thanks to technology, you can now enjoy coloring without any mess or buying expensive materials! Coloring Book for Me & Mandala offers multiple mandala designs to choose from with an endless variety of color combinations, meaning you can create a masterpiece when passing time on-the-go.

And, as this app has outlines of all mandala designs already included, you don’t have to be an expert artist to create something impressive – simply select your colors and get coloring! Learn more to discover what else this time-passing app has to offer.


A classic crowd pleaser, Mahjong is a simple yet extremely effective puzzle game that will make passing time more fun than ever.

Featuring various different levels and layouts to choose from, the concept of Mahjong simply involves matching and removing all tiles from the layout until there are none left. Layouts will get harder as you progress through the levels, and you can even time how long it takes you to complete each level to give yourself something to consistently beat!

It’s likely you’ll find yourself needing something to pass the time at least once every day. Whether it’s at work or whilst on-the-go, these apps all offer something different to suit almost any taste giving you a perfect method of passing the time from the single click of a button!

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