pearls - all you should know

When you think of jewellery you automatically think of gold, platinum and diamonds, but you usually do not think of pearls. But pearls are the only ones that are created by a living thing, namely an oyster; the others are just stones and metals. The value of pearls hence is very high among the ones who know a thing or two about pearls.

There are many types of pearls but the most valuable is a perfect round pearl, as this is considered to be very rare. You get pearls in many shapes including the tear drop shape, but the round pearl is rare as it is difficult for an oyster to create. Nowadays, pearls are being harvested in Asia and there are oyster farms where you get real good quality pearls. To really understand pearls you should know about the pearl types.

Tahitian Pearls

These are very fine pearls and they are famous for their reflective quality. The colours of these pearls are magnificent and you can find colours that are varied such as peacock green, violet etc. But the most cherished are the black Tahitian pearls. The oyster that creates these pearls are only found in Tahiti and hence these are known as the Tahitian pearls.

South Sea Pearls

These are found in the South Sea and hence are known as the South Sea pearls. These are very valuable pearls and are created by the golden lipped oyster or the silver lipped oyster. These oysters can be found only in the South Seas. These pearls are quite rare and are very difficult to procure. You may find them in very high end jewellery stores.

Japanese Akoya Pearls

As we can deduce from the name, the Akoya pearls can be found in the seas of Japan. They are quite popular and many women prefer the Akoya pearls over others.

Fresh Water Pearls

These are a new phenomenon and these are mostly found in China. These are produced by mussels and do not look as beautiful as salt water pearls. But there is huge demand for these pearls as it is relatively cheaper than the higher priced sea pearls.

Now that you know the different types of pearls, you should also know that pearls are being farmed in the regions mentioned above. Instead of a dew drop that gets into the oyster to produce a beautiful pearl, man inserts a substance into the oyster and the oyster then creates the pearl. There are many jewellers who will sell a sub-standard pearl if you do not know anything about it. But there are others like The Pearl Source who will sell only quality pearls. Most good companies will source directly from the oyster farm and then they will have a rigorous process of selecting the best ones and these would be based on quality and shape. Only the best ones get through the process and when they are created into wonderful jewellery, you can rest assured that you have bought a great pearl.

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