It’s everywhere! Ask any modern woman if they have a pair of perfect boyfriend jeans that they live in and the answer is almost always a resounding YES! Just when people keep saying that pain is beauty, the perfect form flattering and comfortable jeans came out. The loose fit, cropped length, tattered yet classy look is what makes it loved by many.

On the other hand, boyfriend jeans can be intimidating if you have no idea how to buy, wear or pair them. Fret not, because by the end of this article you will be sporting the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Ready? Here we go.

Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

Shopping Tips for the Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

  • Find the Right Length – The ideal cut of the boyfriend jeans must hit just above the ankle. Although you can always roll them up, try your very best to find the perfect length for you. Wearing heels or flats with them will look more flattering with the ankles showing. Of course not too short that your pants are mistaken as capris.
  • Consider the Shape – Although loose fitting pants are the ideal characteristic of the boyfriend jeans, you sometimes have to play with this style. The answer? Fit them before you buy. Check out the loose, fitted and hybrid styles that taper at the ankles but have just the right amount of volume and tatter.
  • Details, Details! – The right amount of distressing and tatter must be considered. If the boyfriend jeans are already loose, hold back with the holes because it just looks sloppy. If you want more character, try the patchwork style.

You have brought your boyfriend jeans, now what?

Wearing Your Boyfriend Jeans

  • Cuff – Although you have bought just the right length of jeans, cuffing the ends is key to the look of the boyfriend jeans. The name itself is a testament to how it should look like something you borrowed from your guy. Cuffing is like getting loose fitting pants to fit you better.
  • Fit – As mentioned, the jeans should look like something a guy would wear. Ensure your boyfriend jeans just settles on your waist, check that it is not too tight or too lose making you look like a rapper or someone along those lines. You can wear a waist belt to keep the look tight.

The Boyfriend Jeans Pairings

This jean style is very versatile and can go from errands to date night.  Here are some pairing suggestions.

  • Lightweight crop tops – Pair your boyfriend jeans with a simple lightweight crop top for a casual look. Suddenly meeting some friends for dinner and drinks? Grab a leather jacket and trade your flats for sexy heels, now you’re good to go.
  • Blazer – Make your boyfriend jeans work-worthy by pairing it with a simple top, blazer and pumps. Keep the corpo-vibe going by opting for laid back jewellery like a chunky gold watch.
  • Sweater – Got a hot date? Boyfriend jeans, seriously? It’s a definite yes! Take a simple sweater in a neutral tone, statement necklace and go for a really colourful no-platform shoe and you are set.

With these tips, you’ll never look at boyfriend jeans the same way again!

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