Hands come in a range of shapes and sizes. We are all unique and even things we don’t think about such as our hands and fingers represent this widely known fact. This means that when considering important life-long purchases such as engagement rings, you want to take into account the styles that best suit your hand and finger sizes.

Perfect Engagement Ring Styles For Shorter Fingers

Normally, this factor gets thought about last but in fact, it can have a big impact on how you perceive the rings you try on. Knowing which styles that suit your hands before you even try anything on can save a lot of time and effort so you can go straight in for the kill.

Are you just starting the ring search? Why not try a reputable jeweller near you? If you happen to be in Australia, for example, Certified Diamond Network crafts unique engagement rings. There you can find bespoke and ready-made rings to suit a range of styles, budgets and finger or hand sizes. This way, you can make a purchase you not only love and relish but something you are sure will suit you, complementing your hand.

The Best Ring Styles For Short Fingers

Just like clothing, we must consider the choices we purchase that suit us most and that complement our finger. In the same way, you want your engagement ring to suit the shape, length and width of your fingers.

What if you have shorter fingers? Well, the good thing to know is that there is something to suit and flatter every type of hand and finger. Use the following guideline: length of fingers x width + cut + design.

When searching for the perfect ring, it’s a great idea to consider the shape and size of the stone itself and also the width and design of the ring. These elements will ultimately decide whether it suits your fingers shape and length.

Another idea is to think about your nails too. Do you normally have them manicured or are they normally short? This will tend to elongate or shorten how long your fingers would appear, which is a good consideration.

Engagement Rings For Shorter Fingers

Perfect Engagement Ring Styles For Shorter Fingers

You want styles that are going to make your fingers appear longer then they are. This means it’s great to find a centre stone or diamond with a longer shape such as a pear, oval or marquise. These styles are ideal for shorter fingers as they don’t overwhelm smaller hands and make them look too weighed down.

Creating the right balance and being comfortable with your ring is another important aspect to consider. Also, think about a pear halo ring with a diamond centre stone for shorter fingers and use a narrow band to further lengthen the fingers.

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