Picking out the perfect outfit actually involves a number of different considerations that you’ll have to make each and every time you open up your closet. By keeping a number of things in mind you can make sure that you’re truly picking out the right outfit for whatever occasion you happen to come across.

You need to think not only about what you’re wearing but also about where you’re wearing it to. The outfit that might go great for a night out with your friends may not have the same qualities for a fancy dinner with coworkers or a day at the office. Likewise, the outfit that you’ve chosen to wear to a wedding will probably look too dressy for a dinner party or a casual gathering between friends.

Decide if you’re trying to be the center of attention or if you just want to stand out in a more subtle way. You need to pick out a goal that you’ll be trying to accomplish with your outfit. By deciding on a goal before you begin picking out clothing items and accessories, you’ll be able to quickly identify pieces that are legitimate options and ones that need to stay in your closet.

Pick out the right top for the current occasion and begin to layer. Starting with the top (or a nice dress, or a similar item) is necessary because it is one of the main parts of the outfit. By starting with a single item and working your way outward from there, you can slowly begin putting together the ideal outfit for the occasion you’re faced with. Layering your clothing selections is also a great way to come up with a seemingly endless number of outfit variations anytime you’d like.

Make sure everything matches not just your clothes but your features, as well. If you’re wearing colorful makeup, have naturally colorful hair or are using colored contact lenses, don’t forget these items when mixing and matching your clothes. All of your clothing items could match perfectly but would still look off if they didn’t match your contact lenses, for example.

Above all else, make sure that you’re actually comfortable in the clothes that you’ve chosen to wear. Comfort is a key to enjoying yourself and having a good time, but also in pulling off the look you’re going for. Wearing comfortable clothes will help you stand taller and have more confidence, which will help bring your look together in a really great way.

Putting together the perfect outfit for any occasion isn’t nearly as hard as you’d think. It does, however, require you to think long and hard about both where you’re going and what you’re trying to accomplish. An outfit is a statement, and the statement that you’re after will directly affect the items that you choose to wear. You can put together five items that look great on their own and still end up with an outfit that is less than successful. Only by looking at how those items work as a whole will you arrive at the perfect look.

Chelsea Hasbrouck is a freelance stylist. She enjoys the challenge of creating a look on the fly. She also enjoys sharing her tips and stories on fashion and beauty websites. Check out the contact lenses at Lenstore where you may find lenses to match you.

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