Since the first time the Ford assembly produced pickup truck in 1925, people in America have been crazy about them. The versatility of the pickup truck not only reserved for those drivers with work to do or something to carry but they has appealed to all walks of life also. And, from commuters to contractors, off-road racers to low riders, the one common fascination with pickups is the bed.


If you think about it, the idea of a pickup truck is pure genius at its core. It’s basically a large, self-propelled machine designed to “truck” around loads of heavy, bulky, over-weight items easily. It’s a wonder that the truck didn’t come before the car out of pure necessity. Alas, people were content to haul heavy items in a horse-drawn wagon while they worried about finding easier ways to lug their fat butts around. None the less, having a huge payload area at your disposal is always a plus.


Thanks to a healthy aftermarket industry aimed at pickup trucks, there are some great products designed to optimize your truck’s bed. Truck bed liners for instance, not only protect your payload area from the rigors of hauling loads, they can make handling those loads that much easier. And, depending on what and how you haul, there’s seem to be as many truck bed liners as there are truck beds. From drop in plastic liners and spray on liners to truck mats and even carpeted truck bed liners, there’s a liner for every truck.


When the work to be done with your truck bed involves towing, a fifth wheel hitch is one product that can’t be beat. Designed to handle much heavier use than a normal bumper hitch or frame hitch, fifth wheel hitches are use to pull the longest, biggest and heaviest trailers on the road. And not only do they give your truck increased load capacity, a fifth wheel hitch is as close as most of will ever get to our dreams of long-haul trucking!


So, whether you use your pickup truck for show, go, work, play, racing, commuting or even camping, you can always count on the bed to handle your needs. And best yet, your pickup, and most specifically your pickup’s bed, helps set you apart from the motoring masses stuck in their little cars and SUVs – all suffering from the dreaded PDS, Payload Deprivation Syndrome. Truck on!


In the end, the easiest way to improve your bed performance is with a fifth wheel hitch, truck bed liners or one of the hundreds of bed-enhancing products on the market.

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