You thought you finished the gift giving circuit with Christmas and Valentine’s Day but now it’s spring and her birthday is just around the corner. Don’t panic. Follow this step-by-step guide to planning a perfect birthday for her.

2 weeks before…

1. Call her favorite restaurant and make a reservation. If she likes her friends, make it a small, intimate party and call up 2-4 of her closest friends. If you’re not sure who her friends are, make it a date night for the two of you. Either way, make it at her favorite restaurant, even if it’s an expensive place and they only serve vegan food. It’s just one meal and you’re planning a perfect birthday…for her.

2. Go to Amazon and buy her this: Trina Turk “California Classics” Union Square bracelet. Trina Turk is a California local who makes clothes, swimwear, bags, sunglasses and more – all with a California flair. Which translates to tasteful, colorful, practical and unique. Consider her the Kate Spade of the West Coast. Buying your girl something from Trina Turk shows that you know what women like and getting her this bracelet shows that you want her to have something nice. Get it wrapped by the folks at Amazon and you won’t have to do anything more when it arrives.

Planning a Perfect Birthday for Her - Trina Turk Bracelet

3. Write her a note. Cards are nice but a note is heartfelt. Tell her how wonderful she is and tell her she’s beautiful. And wish her a happy birthday. Bonus points for drawing a heart somewhere on the note. It’s details like this that will make this the perfect birthday for her.

The day of…

4. If you’re having dinner with her friends, give her your gift in the morning so she can wear it at dinner. Bring her flowers at dinner. If it’s just the two of you, wake her up with flowers. Give her the gift at dinner. Either way, you’re getting her flowers. Don’t pick roses unless roses are her favorite. It’s spring so getting a bouquet that’s beautiful shouldn’t be hard. Think tulips, lilies or daffodils. Absolutely no carnations.

Planning a Perfect Birthday for Her - Spring Flowers

5. Wear something nice. It’s a day all about her so don’t outshine her, but look like the man who deserves her. If that means you’re wearing cargo shorts and your college t-shirt, wear the clean shorts and the clean shirt. And use a little bit of cologne.

If all goes well you’re getting lucky tonight. I mean, she’s getting lucky. Because it’s still her birthday and it’s still all about her. Don’t forget that. She won’t forget that you just planned a perfect birthday for her.

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