Fitting everything into your luggage can always be a challenge when you pack for a flight. If your strategy right now is to cram in as much as you can and then sit on your suitcase, here are some starter tips to help you fit more into your luggage and avoid taking an extra bag to the airport.

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Plan What to Take

Be very careful at the moment you start packing and plan out exactly what you want to take.

Check the weather forecast for the time you will be on vacation. If it’s not going to be cold, don’t pack cold-weather items you won’t need. You can find packing lists online, like the one here, or you can use an app like PackPoint to help you.

Vacuum Pack Your Clothes

Save space with your clothing by using special vacuum pack bags. Simply roll up your clothes then place them into the bags and squeeze out all the air. This will help you to keep your clothes compressed, and they should also be less creased on arrival.

Wear Larger Items on You

Want to pack larger items like a big coat and a large pair of boots? Then wear them on you to the airport. You won’t get weighed for what you’re wearing, so this is a smart way to save space and reduce weight in your luggage.

Borrow Stuff at the Hotel

Find out whether you can borrow items from your hotel when you arrive. If you’re staying somewhere like the Courtyard by Marriott, you might be able to borrow all kinds of items, like a hairdryer, iron, and anything else you might need.

Save Space with an E-Reader

If you’re a big reader, don’t pack loads of books for your trip. Instead, invest in a good ereader and store hundreds of books on one small device.

Use Up Hidden Space

Use up every crevice of space you can find inside your suitcase. That means filling up your shoes and boots with socks, jewelry, and other small items, otherwise, it’s just wasted space.

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Store Your Gadgets in Ziplock Bags

If you’re taking lots of gadgets with you, store them in ziplock bags. That way you can keep them all together and cram them into one place in your suitcase so they don’t take up space in different areas, and they’ll also be easier to find.

Be Smarter with Your Choice of Suitcase

To help get your luggage under the weight limit, invest in a lightweight suitcase. Many suitcases add a few kilos onto your overall weight, and if you can cut this down, you can take more things with you without going over your limit.

Also, consider getting a suitcase that opens out to provide extra space for those items you just can’t fit inside. That way, you can avoid taking an extra bag with you, making your journey easier.

Pack Carefully and for a Smoother Journey

Avoid paying extra fees for your luggage, or dragging around two suitcases instead of one, by using these tips. There are many ways you can pack smarter, so plan your packing strategically and enjoy a smoother trip next time you go away.


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