Anyone who has had the good fortune to simply breathe in the smell of Polo Cologne by Ralph Lauren understands the fashion icon’s taste for the outdoors. The American fashion icon brought his line of clothing, cologne and accessories to light in 1967, introducing the world to his fine line of products. He started out with a line of Polo ties and eventually expanded it to include men’s and women’s clothing, cologne, linens, home décor accessories, and sunglasses. The last item on this list – sunglasses – have been worn by men and women all over the world and are a simple statement of the fine lines and high quality engineering that deserves to carry the name Polo Ralph Lauren.

Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses have always been designed with smooth lines that fit perfectly on any size and shape face. They are classy and fit every fashion trend that comes along, something the brand has endeavored to accomplish. The company has never followed the changes in style that sweeps the fashion industry on a regular basis and this alone makes the company’s sunglasses timeless. Dress them up or down. Either way you will be wearing sunglasses that are manufactured to last forever, without going out of style.

One of the nice things about the Polo Ralph Lauren line of sunglasses is the way they are put together. Each pair of sunglasses comes with a spring hinge on the arms, making them adjustable to whatever type of face they grace. The company uses plastic or metal for the frames that come in a wide variety of color and styles. About the only trendy thing on these sunglasses that fits the current fashion style are some of the more unusual colors they are finished in. Pink and aubergine are just two of the colors that have been used. Each pair is polarized and has a UV-400 rating even if they have a mirror finish, gradient colored lenses, or other special characteristics that may be included. And if you happen to love a particular style, you can easily find them in the Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses collection.

Ranging between $ 30 and $ 80 a pair, the Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses will have the metal rivets on the temples of the glasses, similar to the ones found on the Polo jeans also manufactured by the company. The Polo logo can also be found somewhere on the glasses. If it is not there, then they are not authentic and you are not wearing true Polo Ralph Lauren products.

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