Prada scented oil for men is an excellent fragrance and most of the male customers that I show it to have an immediate positive reaction to its fragrance. This fragrance gets an excellent reaction in our retail store from men and women alike. I will show it to our female customers who are shopping for fragrance for their mate and it goes over very well. I am almost sure to make a sale when I show this product because it will almost always get a positive reaction.

I recommend it as an excellent fragrance to wear to all types of social events. I would not use it for totally casual events such as the backyard cookout but I would recommend it for any event where you will be in the public eye. This fragrance is good to use whether you are on a date or alone. It will garner attention so if you dont want to draw too much attention during your date you may want to use something different. If you want to make a good impression on your date it is almost sure to do so.

Prada is a sweet fragrance and has a heady aroma which makes it good for winter and summertime use. It also has a definite masculinity which the spices and aromatic woods that it contains add so beautifully. This is a fragrance which shouldnt be wasted but it should be worn when you definitely want to make a statement. Now dont get me wrong when I say that it is a sweet fragrance. It has a type of sweetness about it but it is definitely manly. It can be worn by the gentleman as well as the rogue. It will fit either way that you decide to use it. It is certainly a fragrance for the musketeer type. It is masculine yet refined. It will please the ladies but wont give the wrong impression to the men.

Some of the known ingredients of this fragrance include bergamont, mandarin, neroli, cardamom, geranium, vetiver, orange blossom, myrrh, nirvanolide musk, labdanum, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, saffron, patchouli, and leather.

Of course the first note of the fragrance expresses the citrus but the base fragrances add a unique balance to its aroma. The spices come into play from the very beginning to give it an elegant, aristocratic, but manly aroma. This fragrance is so very unique in the way that it blends these aspects of fragrance together to produce an effect. It personifies the roguishness of the Musketeer but exemplifies the perfect gentleman at the same time

It is definitely sensual and will attract attention from the ladies. To call it anything less would be robbery.

It is an excellent fragrance to use if you like the night life because it goes so well with the partygoer personality. Yet this fragrance has enough sophistication to be worn to the professional social event as well.

If you dont have this scented product in your collection you would do well to add it to your medicine chest. It is so versatile that it is almost impossible to wear the wrong way. Fragrance Oil Express

Fragrance Oil Express

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