Prada is pervasive. Since the popularity of Prada shoes and handbags began to snow ball a few years back the name has become one of the most high profile brands in the USA. Founded in Milan, Italy in 1913 the house originally specialized in leather goods. Since about 2002 the name Prada has become a household word in America. A novel made into a movie brought the brand name into the spotlight. Although the devil probably doesn’t really wear Prada.

Contemporary shoppers will find Prada sunglasses stylized Butterfly frames to be a notch above other designers this season. The Prada collection features an interesting mix of organic forms and geometrics. The use of plaids and stripes is juxtaposed with the use of fluid natural elements creating an interesting statement. Plaid bags and pants with striped shirts are very retro 1970’s. The addition of Prada sunglasses with large lenses framed by butterfly shapes speaks to environmental concerns. This message is the same today as it was in that bygone era.

Prada sunglasses butterfly shields also reflect this organic design element. Worn in lavender they reflect the colors of spring flowers and summer sunsets. Another nod to nature’s nocturnal beauty comes in the form of Prada sunglasses rimless wrap style with gold star at temple. With black frames there’s no better look for an evening garden gathering.

Could it be that a return to the fluid natural and fanciful designs of the art nouveau movement are creeping back into the line? Spring/summer fashions in diaphanous fabrics with fairies and nymphs were included this season. Are these dresses the beginning of the end of 1970’s retro? Who knows. But Prada sunglasses come in delicate wire rims with soft pastel tinted lenses. The ephemeral affect of sheer Prada dresses and softening wire rim specs is ultimately feminine. Long wisps of hair cascade softly to complete the look.

Many Prada sunglasses styles retail between $ 245 to $ 385 in high-end American department stores. Perforated aviator sunglasses with gunmetal or matte black frames are a popular and lasting classic style. They fall on the higher end of the pricing spectrum but will be a part of the wardrobe for many seasons to come. These are truly investment purchases.

A more elegant look can be found in Prada sunglasses jeweled-temple shield sunglasses. These look elegant in gunmetal that is–but are truly for the rich in gold tone. Although these retail at the mid-range price point they are one of the most sophisticated styles in the line. This sunglass style screams for a visit to the nearest jewelry counter to buy an equally beautiful earrings and necklace set.

Prada sunglasses can adjust to visiting a Caribbean Island destination though. Beachwear for the elite will be perfectly complimented by Prada square sunglasses. Low end price-wise these will certainly not lack in style. The best color for a golden tan? Try Havana (tortoise) with brown lenses. Darker skinned? Why not a black frame and dark gray lenses. Any style that is chosen will look best with Prada shoes, bag and other accessories.

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