In 1962, Fendi designer German nationals employed by the company famous – Karl Lagerfeld brand to its designers, Lagerfeld and Fendi double-F letter of cooperation to identify the hybrid series, following the double C Chanel French letters Gucci of Italy after the two-letter G, another well-known fashion the two-letter symbol.wholesale Juicy Handbags Fendi sisters in charge as the company also intends to change the past, fur clothing for the people as the traditional concept of luxury goods, so that the brand Fendi fur clothing is more to life, civilians, fashion, approached more consumers. In business strategy, Fendi license management method used was developed, such as jewelry, gloves, pens, lamps, glasses and perfume, so that the Fendi brand intangible assets have been fully utilized.

Prada Prada Mario Prada 1913  clothing, shoes, purses, handbags, watches, scarves and neckties and perfumes in 1913, founded the Italian Mario Prada Prada, in order to design production and sale of handbags, luggage, pants and shoes Lu-based. Prada luggage the first to make use of walrus skin, not light weight, it is not suitable to take it on the plane to travel. Therefore, Mario Prada to use lightweight and durable leather to create the trunk, but also developed a waterproof fabric (Waterprooffabrics), sales to the United States. Started by the luggage and handbags, has been thriving and expanding, becoming one of the world-famous Italian brand.

In 1985, Mario Prada’s granddaughter, Miuccia prasa prada clothing develop the first series (Resdy-to-wear) and the President footwear series. In 1993, Miuccia prasa won the Council of fashion designers of America’s international awards; in 1995, has won the annual “Best Fashion Designer” in the world. Miuccia prasa nineties momentum Missing Piece, Pradagroup therefore endeavors, bought the then cutting-edge fashion brands such as Helmut Lang, jil sander, etc.. Today, Prasa group to become Europe’s fashion star, and the Gucci group, LVMH and other par.

Dior Dior Christian Dior 1946 for Senior Women, Senior garments, knitted garments, underwear, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories bring Christian Dior, emerge in the mind of its famous black and white grid pattern, when thousands of birds will think of in each of the clothing in books, goes black and white photographs has become a classic stand-sur-Seine woman pedestrian trails the edge of the tune … the first time since the conference in 1947 since the launch of each new work are caused by the fashion industry and the media attention. Dior haute couture has been a dazzling era (1947 -1957) of the leader.

Previous designer: In 1946 -1957, Chris Qin? Dior in 1957 -1960, YvesSainfLaurent (Yves? Saint Laurent) in 1960 -1989, MarcBoohan (Mark? Bohan) 1989 -1996 years, GianfrancoFerre (Gianfranco? Ferret) after 1996, JohnGalliano (John? Galliano)
VERSACE Versace Giannt Versace 1975 fur and fashion, leather and leather goods, garments, knitted casual wear, beachwear, swimwear, jewelry, watches, perfumes December 2, 1946, Versace was born in Italy ReggioCalabria.. 1972, 25 years old, he moved to Milan, began the work of fashion designers. CommScope 1975, he Aires (Complice) company held his first exhibition leather. Wholesale Gucci Handbags March 28, 1978 he was a permanent building in Milan, his first organized a women’s exhibition of his own signature. VERSACE 1982, won a series of his career peaked in the first prize in the prize: “L \ ‘Occio d \’ Oro”1982 / 1983 the best year Nvzhuang Zhan autumn and winter fashion designer award.
(Versace’s package personally feel pretty good, oh)

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