Do you want a complete list of all your favorite Louis Vuitton handbags in Malaysia? In this following article I have compiled a complete list of the best Louis Vuitton handbags available in Malaysia KLCC, Starhill or The Garden.

So Why do people search for Louis Vuitton handbag price lists? It’s because everyone would know that almost all Louis Vuitton outlets around the world don’t ever advertise their prices in store. The problem that most people have is that they don’t know how much each item would normally cost before hand.

This wouldn’t be a problem if these designer handbags aren’t that expensive, but we are talking about handbags that may cost up to RM3,000 in Malaysian Ringgits. That’s quite expensive and if you’re an average person who are very interested in this brand of luxury goods then it surely would help you to know the prices before you enter the store.

of course if money isn’t an issue than you could easily walk into the store and pic the one you like the most, however it can be very embarrassing for the average person to enter the store, asking for how much, then soon after realizing that they don’t have enough and is forced to put the item back.

The store people are not too keen on helping you either, as Malaysia has a culture where everyone is so judgmental and snobbish to middle classed people or simply people who are not rich.

This is how you solve your problem:

So You can do this by going online for the Louis Vuitton UK store and find out how much it’ll cost for my Speedy 25 monogram canvas so I’d know how much money I need to have.

List of UK Prices:

Monogram Canvas

Speedy 25 – £400.00 >> RM2,560
Speedy 30 – £410.00 >> RM2,700
Speedy 35 – £430.00 >> RM2,900
Neverfull PM – £400.00 >> RM2,550
Neverfull MM – £425.00 >> RM2,700
Neverfull GM – £450.00 >> RM2,950
Alma – £655.00 >> RM4,300
Alma MM – £840.00 >> RM5,400
Galliera PM – £800.00 >> RM5,100
Galliera GM – £920.00 >> RM5,700

The Louis Vuitton Malaysia Price list shown above is just a rough estimate for how much they’ll cost in store by converting the UK prices in pounds into Ringgits at a rate of 6.4.

The prices may not be an accurate reflection of the price you may expect in the stores. However, this should serve as a rough guide for you to know now how much your favourite LV handbags would cost.

You might have known that Louis Vuitton Malaysia [] outlets never have any special offers or sales? So how can you buy Louis Vuitton handbags in Malaysia for lower than retail price? To find out go to this website at [] and find out how!

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