What Are the Pros and Cons of Digital Signage?

The use of technology has advanced over the years, and digital signage has not been left out. From using static board signs to using digital signage menu boards, many operations such as advertisements and communication have been improved.

As an added plus, signage technology can turn your brand into a religion or a business hub in so many ways. This is because digital menu boards:

-Enable you to stand out from the crowd as it draws people and captures their attention, thus impacting your brand positively.

-Engage your customers by enabling multiple audiences to interact with your brand

=Lets you to tell your story besides selling products and services. This is because digital menu boards can engage and inspire customers, hence providing quality content.

Despite the unlimited advancements in business signs menu boards, several advantages and disadvantages come about with it.

Pros of digital signage menu boards

  • Appealing to the eye

Looking at advertisements and displays on digital menu boards makes you want to look more. For instance, LED screens feature colored units that are brighter than LCD screens, which makes the displays more attractive and appealing to the eye.

  • Enhances efficiency of management

With digital menu boards, it is easier to manage food items because one can add new things, remove the ones that have low performance and change the displays depending on the time of the day.

  • Content can be managed from any locality

For a case where you have restaurants in more than, say, ten locations, you will need to control the content displayed and ensure the menus are always updated. A digital menu board will help you to do that, as long as you have a good internet connection.

  • Flexibility

For menu boards that are meant for outdoors, the digital technology enables you to display any images of entertainment or advertisements of special offers for your business any time you want. This is because by just setting the time for the change to take place, they can easily be manipulated to meet your needs or your clients’ needs.

  • The technology is convenient

It is quite undeniable that digital signage menu board signs are very efficient and timely. You can make changes on the menu board without having to bring a ladder in the picture. Using your remote control, you can quickly remove menu items, alter prices and display different menu items quickly without any hassle.

  • They comply with state rules and regulations

It is a requirement for restaurants that have more than twenty localities to display the nutritional information about their foods. As much as this law was for health compliance, it also enables restaurants to consider the digital software as their everyday technology.

  • They require unlimited space

With digital menu boards, you do not have to display your images on small wall space. This means that your advertisements and news can easily be seen from far behind or in the midst of crowds. The system can allow large displays because of their feature of large space of running your advert to the time that suits you well.

  • They are market-oriented

Unlike static menu boards, digital menu boards are more target-specific because in most cases, they manipulate the audience with advertisements to enhance more purchases of goods. They also help to engage your audience by showcasing different items on your menu in different ways that are very attractive.

Cons of digital signage

  • High cost of installation

This factor is quite a big blow. Acquiring the software, infrastructure and hardware that is required to install LED and LCD screens are quite costly. Also, the displays, especially LCD types, need proper maintenance, which is also expensive. You have to have the necessary knowledge and skills to fix any issues that might come up.

With the everyday advancing technology, the menu boards may also need to be upgraded. Hence, the more elaborate they become as technology continues to advance, the more expenses are involved.

  • The need for professionalism and expertise

Purchasing a digital menu board and installing it does not mean that you’re ready to begin operating it. This technology requires some necessary IT skills to operate. In the case where you are seeking to develop your own content, you will have to get the necessary skills to create the software. On the other hand, you could choose to hire a signage company to operate the software and maintain it on your behalf.

  • Aspects of poor display

Due to high expenses, you may be required to opt for a cheaper digital menu board. This can be quite disadvantageous because the displays that appear on your screen may not look that appealing. This is something that competitors might use to their advantage to increase sales and get you out of business.


Jonathan Williams is a digital marketing consultant with over 15 years of experience. He has designed many business signs menu boards in Chicago. To learn more about Jonathan, please visit his blog by clinking this link.

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