When it comes to wrist watches, it has long been that quality is more important than quantity. While some may feel that both are necessary, not everyone is privileged enough to afford such luxuries. It’s better to save and scrimp and own that one beautiful watch, like an Ebel watch, then to own a spew of poorly made timepieces.

What separates a cheap watch from a luxury one is the time invested in its creation. The best watches are handcrafted. Countless hours are put into the process. It’s not just another piece of metal created on an assembly line. Each watch is pure perfection. So much thought and effort is placed on both the design and the creation, down to every minute detail. Besides style though, it’s also about exceptional timekeeping. Isn’t that why you wanted the watch in the first place? Sure you could look to your cellphone, but let’s not forget the real purpose of a wristwatch. Even if you don’t want it necessarily for telling time, at least you know that if your electronic devices were to fail you, you’d have the correct time.

You just won’t get this high level of craftsmanship with a cheaper brand. The watch is made in some manufacturing plant overseas and there is a good chance something will go wrong down the line. It’s cheaply made and it will most definitely fall apart sooner rather than later. The designs will also be less than substantial. They’ll look nice, but they won’t have that wow factor. If they do stop people on the street, it will probably be because people cannot believe you would wear such a poorly made watch! It’s just a fact of life that the most things cost, the more beautiful they are. Who would want a Honda over a Cadillac?

For some, spending more than a thousand dollars on a watch is just not feasible or worthwhile. But you don’t need to spend $ 15,000 on a watch. You can still find high quality watches like a Movado watch or an Ebel watch that is well within most people’s budget. Of course the watches can’t compare to those that cost as much as a car, but that is not to say they are on the same level as a $ 50 watch. They will stand the test of time, literally and figuratively.

And when you decide to splurge on the better quality watch, you know it will not only last as long as you do, but it will be a versatile watch that will always be in style. There will be no need to replace it in five years time. So always keep luxury brands like Movado watch or Raymond Weil in mind when shopping. Quality will always reign supreme.

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