The Ralph Lauren accent pillows are an excellent choice for highlighting the interior of any home. These decorative pillows can be strewn around on the floor, in a nursery, bedroom, or arranged in the drawing room to enhance the overall décor.

Pillows can be strictly classified into three categories to conform to certain parameters. They are the covering, form and the quality of the filing.

Different Shapes and Sizes of Pillows

The most commonly used forms are the square pillows. Most designers find this an acceptable form, as they can be used to adorn any nook or corner. It looks elegant and stylish, if it is casually placed on the carpet. Rectangular pillows, on the other hand, need to be strategically placed to ensure it does not detract from the harmony of the interiors.

The decorative Ralph Lauren accent pillows come in tubular form and these are designed mostly for placement in drawing rooms. Since the pillows are made up of dense filler, it should ideally be placed symmetrically on the sofa. It can be used to rest one’s head when reading.

Round forms are also used to enhance the interiors and are generally available with Tommy Hilfiger, or Ralph Lauren pillows. These round pillows do not provide support for the head, as one is bound to roll off the pillows when turning sideways on the bed.

Types of Available Fillers

It is essential to see that the material used for the filler feels comfortable. Since these decorative pillows are not really used for sleeping, but more for accent, they may or may not be filled with natural filler. Most bedding lines will use a synthetic filler to keep the cost down, but it is more prudent to buy pillows with fillers, such as duck feathers.

Coverings for Pillows

All Ralph Lauren accent pillows are available with or without covers on sale. Some pillows are sold under the name “internal.” These pillows are ideal for the interior of the homes and are available in sets of two. You can buy these drawings in pairs of uniform colors, or style, as they are made to scale.

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