A New Way To Get Ready For A Layoff

Yes, it’s bad out there, but this isn’t a “woe is me, the economy sucks” story.  This one’s got a happy ending, or at least the makings of one.  It all just comes down to two things:

1)  Your preparation, and

2)  Your perspective

First of all, it’s no secret the economy is bad, so even if you think you’re comfortable in your current job, you may really be an ostrich with your head in the sand.  With times this bad, whether you think it’s coming or not, you’re probably smart to get ready for a layoff.

Second, when most of us do get ready for a layoff, we tend to forget a very important point:  we probably didn’t like our job that much anyway.  See, for 99% of us, getting laid off is a lot like being in a relationship you couldn’t stand, but were too chicken to end – they may get bragging rights, but you’ve got a clean slate and are way better off. 

So if you feel you have reason to believe your job is in jeopardy, or if you just think it would be smart to get ready for a layoff, here are 2 things smart people are doing to actually prepare and profit from their time off:

Idea # 1) Take a mini-retirement (not just a vacation)

Most people, when asked what they would do if they had all the time in the world, tend to say they would “travel”.  Yet when they do have the time, the focus shifts to money so quickly that they forget that their time is often more valuable.  But the thought of extended travel sounds too much like a vacation to be productive for their careers.  The solution? 

Why not get ready for a layoff by viewing it as a mini-retirement, instead of a time off?

Sound crazy, or too expensive?  Then you haven’t read the book “The 4 Hour Workweek – by Tim Ferris”. He was able to actually save over $ 30,000 during phases where he was traveling all over the world, picking up valuable skills he was able to directly reapply to the workforce upon his return.  This guy not only had to get ready for a layoff, he had the time of his life while he WAS laid off, and reentered the workforce stronger than when he left.

Again, all about perspective and preparation.

Idea #2) Start an online business (especially if you don’t have an idea for one!)

Contrary to popular belief, starting a business during a recession is actually one of the best times to do so. And while the world seems like it’s crumbling all around us, the Internet isn’t going out of business any time soon, so it’s probably smart to figure out how to get a tiny slice of this multi-billion dollar pie.

If you always had a hunch that there was money to be made online but didn’t know how it was done, here’s an update for you:  people all over the world are making a killing on the Internet, routinely pulling in over $ 1,000 / day or more.  And it’s not just the founders of Google or some technical whiz that lucked into a million dollar idea. 

Most of the people making money online don’t even sell their own products or services!

That’s right – check out a site called Wealthy Affiliate to see how the Internet Marketing industry can help you make several times your prior income from the comfort of your own home, if you just figure out how to target audiences through Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  You don’t even need any technical knowledge, your own product, or any prior understanding of the industry as they walk you through techniques step by step. 

(Important tip:  Yes there are tons of “make money” scammers out there, but if you’re smart, you’ll gravitate towards communities of people rather than the latest guru’s e-book, and Wealthy Affiliate is the top community on the Internet that shows people how to make money online.  They literally give you everything you need in one place (including free hosting for a website), for less than $ 40/mth.)  May be worth a shot.


Think of it this way:  rather than dwelling on the bad news that a layoff may be coming, why not get ready for a layoff, and use this time productively?  This is a blank slate for you to create the kind of lifestyle that you always wanted; but this time, do it on your own terms. 

So let’s all pull together and use this time to be happier, healthier, and wealthier in the future by having a little preparation and perspective on what this time could be.

Click here for more info on the 4 Hour Work Week: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com

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