It’s hard to match the uniqueness of handmade jewelry. Being crafted with a unique personal touch, handmade jewelry has the beauty that comes from not being mass-produced in a machine. It is the perfect piece of jewelry for anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind piece. Today, there is an ever-growing demand for handmade jewelry, for many good reasons.

Handmade bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings often have interesting designs and exceptional craftsmanship in addition to being environmentally-friendly. Consider handmade jewelry whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory to a cotton dress, a pair of jeans or even for a glitzy affair. Still need convincing? Here are some reasons to wear handmade jewelry, as stated by some of our readers.

Finest Quality

The quality is just so much better.”  -Alice McMillan, London

If you’re thinking handmade jewelry is simply what high school teens or hobbyists do in their spare time, you are missing out on a lot. These pieces are made skillfully by jewelry artisans who have been trained in jewelry making techniques. With handmade jewelry, artisans take their time crafting each piece, so these beauties offer remarkable aesthetic value.  There are numerous handmade jewelry selections, from a range of jewelry lines, which feature the highest level of quality and workmanship. For example, luxury jewelry designer John Hardy creates high-end, Balinese-inspired, handmade silver jewelry.


When it’s handmade, I know there’s nothing else quite like it.”  -Dominique Castro, New York City

Handmade jewelry is made in small batches, so this in itself makes it special. You can find some amazing examples of it at Majestical. It is very unlikely that you will bump into someone who is wearing the exact same piece as yours. This is also why handmade jewelry is a great gift, since there’s little chance your recipient already owns the very piece you’re giving. Still, even if you own the same type of bracelet with the same design, the pieces will have slight differences since it’s humanly impossible to duplicate a piece by hand 100 percent exactly.

Freedom in Creativity

There’s just so much more in terms of selection. Sometimes, you can even ask the artisan to make a piece just for you.”  -Cheyenne Carr, London

Handmade jewelry designers and artisans are not limited by what a machine can do, nor are they mere trend followers. They enjoy the freedom to push the creative envelope to create pieces that speak of their brand, philosophy, passion or advocacy.

Support the Jewelry Artisan Community

One of the reasons I wear handmade jewelry is to support the craft and the art form.”  -Lauren Terry, Miami

Every purchase of a handmade product is a gesture of support to the community of artists making that product. Buying handmade jewelry shows not only appreciation of the skills of an artisan, but also allows them to continue their craft–since they generally have limited resources compared to large jewelry manufacturers. Most of the time, handmade jewelry is made by artisans in underdeveloped or developing countries so profits help support the lives of artisans and the economy of local communities.

Nature Friendly

When you buy store made jewelry, it’s hard to be eco-conscious because you know you’re supporting a factory. With handmade jewelry, I know I’m doing something good for our planet because I know they take more care when it comes to their footprint.”  -Rebecca Wood, San Francisco

One of the reasons handmade jewelry and other handmade products have grown in popularity over the past decade or so is because people now are more conscious about caring for the environment and choosing products that are environmentally-friendly. The production of handmade jewelry has a smaller impact to the environment than mass-produced merchandise. Many handmade jewelry designers also practice sustainable business methods, making sure they source their materials and produce their work in a socially and environmentally-responsible manner.

Reasons to Wear Handmade Jewelry

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