How to Regain Tighter Skin

Wrinkles can seem almost magical at times. You might go to bed one night with none and wake up the next day to find that one has suddenly appeared. In fact, even moderate wrinkles and sagging skin can get out of control quicker than you might realize. You may think such damage is irreversible, but think again. There are actually many ways you can regain the tighter skin you used to have.

Reversing Mild Skin Wrinkles Before They Become Moderate

The easiest way to get rid of wrinkles and tighten your skin is to catch the problem early. At the first sign that your skin is losing its cohesiveness look into at-home ways to tighten it. For example, you may benefit from the long-term use of lotions or creams to supplement your own natural collagen. However, lotions and creams will only take you so far. If your sagging skin reaches the moderate level you may need clinical intervention. Although, continuing the at-home use of a lotion or cream may help you to maintain the results of your clinical treatment for a longer period of time.

 Reversing Moderate Skin Wrinkles with Clinical Treatments

There are several clinical methods you can use to treat moderate wrinkles. One is laser therapy. Many different types of lasers have been developed for skincare. Skincare clinics constantly buy lasers as newer and better models are released. That way they can give clients like you the best possible care. Most of those lasers work in similar ways, though using slightly varying methods. So when you go in for laser treatment you can typically expect skin improvement through the use of light and heat. That combination can strengthen your cells by having a positive impact on collagen molecules, drawing them together.

Some lasers can also get your body to produce more collagen. So can other clinical treatments, such as sound wave therapy. As the sound waves bombard your cells, the collagen molecules will react by moving closer to each other. Sound wave therapy typically involves ultrasound or radio frequency use.

Reversing Severe Skin Wrinkles with Surgery

Whether you use lasers, sound wave therapy, or other means, your moderate wrinkles and sags should improve fairly quickly. However, if your sagging skin is severe such methods may not help you. Instead, you may require surgery to tighten your skin. While surgery can be a viable option, never enter into it lightly. It is quite expensive and involves risks, recovery periods and other issues you should discuss with your skincare specialist before making a final decision.

Factors That Can Influence Skin Tightening Results

The condition of your skin may influence the results of any skin tightening procedure, as well as your initial eligibility for that procedure. For example, if you have oily skin you may need to avoid heat-based treatments like laser therapy. Your results may also be influenced by your age. In general, if you are older you will require more treatments to see results than a younger skincare patient.

Making a Final Skin Tightening Choice

There are so many skincare treatments to tighten the skin that picking one can be difficult. However, you can make your final choice easier in a number of ways. First, talk to a dermatologist or clinician about your skin type and condition. He or she may be able to rule certain procedures in or out for you based on that information. Next, consider practical issues like your budget and the amount of free time you have. When you examine the situation from all angles you should be able to pick a skin tightening option relatively easily.









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