When the average person hears the term reloading he or she typically thinks of the action of ejecting an empty clip or magazine from a gun and replacing it with a newer, fully loaded mag. This is mainly because the average person is not an avid hunter or gun expert. Reloading is also known as the action of using an already fired shell casing to make a new shell. This can be a time consuming task but it is very cost effective and in today’s economy most gun enthusiasts are trying to save every penny they can.

There are a number of items you will need in order to undergo the reloading process. First of all you will need to collect your empty shell casings. This is typically a lot easier to do if you’re firing at a range instead of out hunting but if you make the conscious effort to do so eventually it will become second nature. If you have children you can spend quality time out hunting with them and put them to work collect shells which will give them a job to do and make them feel like they are contributing.

Next you will want to get a few reloading blocks. Reloading blocks are trays with holes in them that are used to hold your shell casings straight up during the reloading process. They are typically made out of plastic or wood and you will have to make sure you buy reloading blocks that are the correct size for the shells you use. If you use multiple types of shells you will have to buy a variety of reloading blocks to accommodate all the differing shell types you use. When buying reloading blocks you are going to have to take into account how much ammo you use regularly and buy larger or smaller and multiple reloading blocks accordingly.

Reloading wads are what actually hold the shot. They come in various sizes according to gauge and have cups on the bottom that sit on top of the powder in your shell while the bigger cup on top holds the shot you plan on using. Some people think about using different sizes of reloading wads than what is prescribed in their shell’s recipe. Do not do this. It is best to simply stick to the recipe in order to maximize your shot’s effectiveness. Straying will only get you into trouble.

Remember, these are just the basics. There is a lot involved in reloading and while the start up cost may seem daunting at first you will save a lot of money in the long run. If you’re an avid shooter then do your wallet a favor and start saving as much money as you possibly can by reloading your own rounds today with reloading blocks.

AmericaReloads.com offers high quality, affordable Gun Reloading blocks and Cleaning Supplies that are perfect for you, your friends, loved ones and everyone who know the fun and value of Reloading.

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