Today, nearly every phone camera is powerful enough to be used for taking professional level photographs regardless of the subject. Just as important as a proper camera in producing high-quality shots, is editing your photo in post production. As one of the most popular type of photos on social media, editing a perfect selfie can feel difficult – but it doesn’t have to be. There are many mobile apps available for photo editing, allowing you to toggle between apps leveraging the strengths of each app, but this can be necessarily time consuming.  However, with Instasize, you can do all your photo editing in one place. Beyond the other major features including Text Styles, border & collage tools, and filters, Instasize also includes a variety of helpful beauty tools to provide next level selfie editing capabilities – Remove blemishes, whiten teeth, smooth out annoying inconsistencies, add a radiant glow to your skin and more!

Retouch Your Pics for the Perfect Selfie


  • Get Perfectly Smoothed Skin: The Instasize Smooth Skin tool helps to soften your skin, and remove unwanted spots, wrinkles, and marks on your skin in an instant. Using two fingers, you can pinch and zoom a desired area of the selfie you wish to smooth. You can also toggle the intensity of the softening using the slider at the bottom of your photo.
  • Acne/Blemish Removal: Has your perfect selfie been ruined by an annoying blemish? Don’t worry, the Acne/Blemlish Removal tool can get rid of blemishes and other slight imperfections in seconds. Just tap the area affected by the blemish, and voilà, it’s gone. Need to undo your changes? Simply tap ‘Remove’ and your edits are reset.
  • Show Off Your Pearly Whites: Whiten your teeth to make them pop. You can also whiten other areas like the whites of your eyes – sounds weird but trust us, it will give your photo a little something extra. To whiten your teeth, upload the photo of your choice, and zoom into the area you would like to whiten then use your fingers to whiten the desired area. You can manipulate the intensity of the effect with the adjustment bar and check out the effect of your editing efforts by clicking on the two adjacent squares to the right of the adjustment bar.


  • Go Sun-Kissed: Sure you can always go tanning year-round, but for those days when you just need a little tan boost to make your selfie pop, try the Tan Skin tool! Using two fingers, pinch and zoom into the area of the photo you wish to adjust. Use your finger like a small brush to highlight the desired area, and then simply increase/decrease the tanning intensity with adjustment slider.


  • Make Little Details Pop: Wearing detailed jewelry, sunglasses, or want to make your hair color pop? The Vibrance tool is great for exemplifying the details of your photo to appear sharper. Make sure the smaller details don’t get lost in the photo composition with the Vibrance tool.


  • Achieve the Perfect Glow: Ever consider how your favorite social media influencers get that perfectly moisturized and dewy glow on their selfies? Instasize has answers! The Glow tool will give your skin that fresh, rejuvenated, and healthy look. Like the other Beauty tools, select the area of the photo you wish to enhance, and adjust the intensity with the bottom slider.


Just by following the tips above, you can enhance the quality of your photos to get more professional looking selfies without losing your own natural aura, and reflect the best version of yourself. This final retouch on your pics not only sets your selfie apart from the pack, but it also gives it a professional and polished look. However, one important thing to remember while editing your selfie is that the goal is to enhance the beauty of the picture, but not to alter your look completely.



Ensure you zoom in as much as possible so that you are precise in the use of Instasize’s beauty tools. This ensures you don’t accidentally correct areas you would rather leave as is. Also adjust settings like brightness and contrast to elevate your entire photo, not just the parts edited. Give your photo an excellent filter to set the right tone for the picture. Using Instasize photo editing elements will make your pictures stand out on any newsfeed.


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