Yes, fall is here, so we’re checking out the most trendy footwear items to keep us warm this season. In terms of flats, not much has changed, but there are some distinctive trends worth mentioning, as well as some must-have items that we’ve virtually window-shopped for online.

  • Steve Madden Animal Print Flats

Animal print has been ‘in’ ever since the days of the glam divas of the 1940s and 50s. Since, it has permeated mainstream fashion culture in every aspect, from fabric patterns for evening gowns to indispensable accessories such as purses. Celebrity designer Steve Madden took the trend and ran with it this fall, by producing an item so simple it’s almost ridiculous. However, his signature animal print flat with a hot fuchsia trim (and a little bow, for added ingenuity) is not an item you can afford to pass up on. The $89.95 price tag might strike some as somewhat steep, but a Madden flat is a Madden flat is a Madden (and maddeningly stylish) flat, as the famous adage goes.

  • Sam Edelman Flats

Few names are more famous and can boast a longer tradition in terms of shoes than the St. Louis Brown Shoe Company, and its iconic head, Sam Edelman. This fall, Edelman follows in Madden’s footprints (pun intended), to come up with a simple, yet timeless animal printed flat with a metallic golden tip. Its leopard print does nothing but flatter the wearer, who, if rightfully coordinated, will stand out in the crowd. Animal prints go great with lace and subtler floral patterns this autumn, when a liberated, boho chic style seems to be the norm.

  • Pretty Ballerinas Golden Mesh Flats

Indeed, the $189 price tag might be somewhat above and beyond the regular fashionista’s budget, but if anyone in the US knows their ballerinas and flats, then it has got to be Pretty Ballerinas—who have been at it since as early as 1918. They’re also flying high right about now, with one store recently opened on Madison Avenue, and another one in Beverly Hills. The featured footwear coming our way from them this fall is all about a delicate, fragile, well assembled look. The main body of the shoe is covered in golden mesh, while the bow trim adds that touch of much needed retro flair. Pair them up with leggings or a sequined top, add a frilly, underwired tutu-like skirt, and you’ll have the ballerina look down to a tee for this season.

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