Yoga has been favorable in treating various illnesses including back pain. Most yoga exercises enable stretching and bolstering of back. However, there are some yoga poses that are of greater benefit for the back. Here are some of them.

The first one is the dead body pose. It is the most simple yoga pose and is quite effective for sciatica patients. This pose is mandatory for relaxation of the back. To make this pose you have to lie straight on your back on even ground. You must place your arms parallel to the body with the legs flat and joined together. If you want you can also bend your knees sometimes. That is not all ; you should do some deep respiring too for relaxation. Breathe out and in slowly while lying down.

Moving on, the kitty stretch is another effective yoga pose that is efficient in releasing backache. To do that pose, you must stand positively straight. There should be no bend in your back and it should be properly aligned. Your hands should be placed such that they fall right below the shoulders and your knees must be right below your hips. Now, you must look down in way that you see the naval. Then take a deep breath and while exhaling stretch your back towards the ceiling. This pose is must to treat the symptoms of sciatica.

Sage twist is yet another good pose to treat sciatica. For this you must lie down on the floor with your legs straight on the floor. After this you must bend your right knee and place it over the other leg so that your foot touches the floor. Now take the elbow of the right side to touch the knee of the left leg and at the exact same time take your left hand to touch right hip from the back. While doing therefore twist your shoulder slightly.

Fish pose is another pose that is effective but a small challenging one. Lie down on the floor with leg extended forward and back straight. Simply bend both the knees. Forcefully rest your elbows on the floor. Apply force on your elbows so that they push the ground, which in reaction lifts your back upwards. Determine that you don’t overstress yourself, while trying this yoga pose. After that, resume the normal position and relax for some time. Then, practice this pose again. Initially, it is advised to practice this pose four to five times daily.

These yoga poses can turn out to be very beneficial to treat back trouble. Nonetheless you need to be consistent if you wish to experience maximum relief. Get started with these yoga poses and back pain won’t be a difficulty for you any more.

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