Sahaja Yoga is a type of meditation which is suitable for every individual who is keen to find his/her inner self, which is full of serenity, joy and care for others. If you are thinking that it is a sort of exercise or a book with several pages of preaching, then you are mistaken. Sahaja yoga is a living science that will introduce you to your inner potentials making you even stronger and contented. In simple words, you can also call it as ‘self-realization’ which is obtained as a result of constant meditation. Not many people know that this is a great form of meditation which was formulated by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi that involves a specific path. In this path, the ingenious spiritual energy called as the Kundalini is awakened, which otherwise lies in inactive state in the sacrum bone at the foot of the spine. This pleasant awakening of the energy of Kundalini and the inner tour to find oneself is known as Self-realization or Enlightenment.

If we observe it literally, then Sahaja means ‘free spirited’ and ‘yoga’ means ‘union’. So, this form of meditation can be described as ‘the process of divine agreement through yoga with free spirit.’ Self- realization is something that has to be incurred in every individual. Today, the meditation classes of Sahaja are running in more than 80 nations all over the globe and are offered to the people with no price tags, they are free of cost.

Now, just have a glance at some of the blessings of this form of meditation. You can go through them one by one if you want to know about the history of this form of yoga.

Improvement of general health
The first benefit to avail from this meditation is the enhancement of physical, mental and emotional health.

Reduction in stress level
Sahaja meditation increases the stress threshold thereby reducing the stress level. Through meditation on a regular basis, any individual can easily withstand the stressful circumstances. All the negativity in life like frustration, aggression and anger get completely neutralized. Further, the sleeping habits can also be improved.

Low confidence level can be worked out
Meditation has the power to increase self-confidence, self-esteem and other hidden potentials of a person. Students can gain power to make their studies improved.

Ill-habits can be washed away
Generally, it is difficult to get rid of habits and addictions which are lethal to health. However, by accepting Sahaja meditation, any individual can seamlessly remove his/her bad habits without bearing the withdrawal symptoms.

Good communication skills
People can build healthy relationships with others by working on their communication skills.

Welfare of humanity
By transforming the inner soul of human beings, the benefits of Yoga meditation have not only improved the life of individuals, but to the society, nation and humanity as a whole.

So, that was all about Sahaja meditation and its unending benefits to the individual and humanity. Enjoy practicing this form of yoga at home!

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