Say Goodbye to Dirty and Dull Shoes Today

Make Your Dirty Shoes Look New Again

It can be incredibly embarrassing to walk around in footwear that’s anything short of perfectly clean. Showing up in shoes that have taken on a soiled and dull appearance can make most people feel like they want to hide away from everyone else. If you have dirty shoes, however, it’s far from the end of the world. That’s because you may be able to salvage them. Don’t assume that shoes that get dirty necessarily have to stay that way for long. If you take the time to properly clean your shoes, a sparkling and bright tomorrow may be in the cards for you.

Wash Your Shoes Using Your Hands

The classic manual route may do wonders for people who wish to revitalize soiled footwear. You can start the cleaning process by taking your Yeezy laces off. Employ a classic cotton swab as a means of doing away with accumulation within the holes of the laces. Use a brush to push away any and all signs of debris and dirt that may be lingering. Get a toothbrush you no longer need, too. This can help push away hints of dirt and mud that may be stuck inside of soles. It can help do away with remnants of imperfections situated on the soles as well.

If you want to properly wash the top section of your shoes, it can help to employ a combination of classic dish detergent and H20. This blend can get rid of conspicuous staining that may be present. Once you do that, rinse exhaustively. Get a rag to wipe your footwear in a meticulous manner. Put your shoes in direct sunlight for a while for drying purposes.

Try Your Washing Machine

It can be wise to wash your dirty shoes manually. If you feel like taking a different approach, your trusty washing machine can work beautifully as well. Take the laces of your shoes off. Brush them as a means of doing away with dirt and grime that may be hanging out on the soles and edges. Put your laces and shoes directly inside of your washer right after that. Put them in with a handful of towels. Hide your laces and shoes inside of a standard pillowcase. Concealing them can stop markings from popping up on the drum of your washer.

Introduce some laundry detergent to the equation. Introduce a single cup of vinegar to it, too. Bringing vinegar in can offer disinfection benefits. It can get rid of smells as well.

If your shoes are black, cold water washing sessions can work wonderfully. This can keep fading and discoloration at bay. Cold water washing can also be suitable for canvased shoes that are of other colors. If your dirty shoes aren’t part of either of these categories, you can go for classic warm washing.

Once your washing session is up, you can let your shoes go out in the sunlight for drying purposes. Put paper towels in your shoes, too. Doing so can help soak up any water that may be lingering. Dust a little bit of baking soda on top of the insoles as well. Baking soda can manage any smell problems that may be present.

Try Nail Polish Remover or Vinegar

Nail polish remover, perhaps strangely enough, is yet another effective option for people who are looking to bring dirty shoes back to life. Immerse a cotton ball with a little nail polish remover. If you don’t have any nail polish remover on hand, you can swap it out with vinegar. Employ the nail polish remover or vinegar to massage away staining. This can make a highly effective option for people who wish to help sneakers that are pale. If you have sneakers in white, this technique can be extremely dependable. The use of bleach can also come in handy. It’s critical, however, to dilute the substance in advance. Lack of dilution can end up in a severe case of conspicuous footwear discoloration. You can employ a toothbrush in order to cleanse your shoes. Try a blend that’s made up of five parts H20 and a single part of bleach. Once you’re all through, you can rinse your shoes off carefully. Utilize water that’s warm for this.

Treat Your Stains Before Doing Anything Else

If you want to prepare your shoes well for an in-depth cleaning session, you can treat them beforehand with the assistance of a reliable stain remover. You don’t have to use a substantial amount of remover, either. Let the formula remain on top of your shoes for the suggested amount of time. Assess the labeling that’s on hand on the container of your remover. If you’re meticulous about cleaning your shoes, you should be able to get them looking fresh and flawless again.

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