Seeing Sydney In Adventure And Style

Being the largest city in Australia, Sydney is home to famous sites such as its harbour-front Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and plenty of stunning natural sights. Being one the country’s most vibrant cities and normally drenched in sunlight, it’s no wonder Sydney is a major tourist attraction.

If you are planning your trip to Sydney soon and are seeking ways to explore this wonderful place, this article is a must read whether you choose to see the sights by booking a helicopter tour in Sydney or take to the streets with your backpack and hiking shoes. Either way, you’re in for a real treat!


Kayaking along the Harbour

Everything is built around the harbour in Sydney and if you want a slightly different way to see the sights as a whole, this is a great idea! You’ll get a glimpse of some stunning clifftops and breath-taking wilderness.

Not only that but you will see areas that are hardly ever ventured into as several areas, especially National Parks, are under protection. The Kayak is a nice way to be at the calm of the sea whilst taking in the glorious views.

Take a train ride

Travelling by train can be a magical way to explore the city. Time ticks slower on the tracks and you can get some of the best views of Sydney’s sights and neighbourhoods this way. Want some tips for journey routes?

Why not take the train from CBD in Sydney through the western suburbs? You can take it through to the Blue Mountains or go south to Cronulla beach. After, you can jump on the ferry or take a bus to see some more beaches along the north side of Sydney. You can also travel north on the central coast to get the ferry and continue your explorations.

Think about getting a MyMulti Pass

Another great way to see the sights is to buy a MyMulti 3 pass. This gives you unrestricted access to transport including trains and some ferries going to the mountains. This is a truly flexible way of exploring the city and puts the power back in your hands as you get to choose when to get off and where to go.

Try the Harbour Bridge Discovery climb

Take a walk to the top of this tourist hotspot for some of the best harbour views in Sydney. The climb has been updated to take people along the lower arch after emerging between the motorway lanes.

Take a helicopter tour

Nothing is quite epic than being in a different country and seeing the place from above. A bird’s eye view on all the action going on down below, a helicopter tour offers an exciting journey for tourists. Some tour companies also offer other daytime and lunch tours that showcase all of the attractions the country boasts.

You’ll take in some stunning views of the Opera house, the Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach amongst mountains and valleys. With so much to explore and such little time to do it in, the helicopter tour can be a perfect way of seeing a place. Plus, you get to do it in style!

These ways of exploring are fresh and exciting! We hope you enjoy exploring Sydney and soak up all this buzzing city has to offer.


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