Tula Central Spa in Toronto offers a variety of yoga classes such as Pilates, Fusion, Hot Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. Earlier this year, funds were raised through yoga classes to build a school and birthing centre in Uganda, partly through the Sunday Karma Community class, held every Sunday at 6:45pm, Hot Hatha Flow, with Grace and Davian. For each class, a $ 12 donation was collected and the money raised was used for this project. Davian was one to go to Uganda and she has a great blog about her amazing experiences, below is an excerpt:

“I took photos of orphans for about 2.5 hours.
There are about 80 kids living at the New Hope School and this is probably the only picture that they will have of themselves for years if not their entire childhood. We printed them out right there on this little portable printer but every photo took 1.5 minutes to print…do the math.
We had also organized games, dental care (fun!), a mural and a garden for the day. It was burning hot sun and I was rocking out my Nile sunburn so I was very happy to be working inside.
Photographing each child was rewarding but difficult. We ran out of ink for the printer so not everyone got their photos that day. We are going to print the rest of them and someone will bring them out. The problem will really be if we missed anyone. But you just do what you can.
It was a teary day for a couple people and it’s just lucky that we don’t all have them at the same time I guess.
We also gave the orphanage new mattresses and a water filtration system. They also need a new bus and money to pay the teachers. It’s hard to bring stuff and do stuff and still be met with a list but it’s probably harder to be saying that you for all of this stuff and then have to ask for even more of what you need…”

To help Inspire Reach/Off the Mat into the World in South Africa for 2011 please join Tula for their Sunday Karma Community yoga classes, held every Sunday at 6:45pm (Hot Hatha Flow) for a $ 12 cash donation. The fundraising for South Africa will be for building a bakery in Kibera and also a halfway house. Unable to make the Hot Hatha Flow on Sunday? Try another one of our classes including: Pilates, Fusion, Hot Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga.

Melissa is a reputed name in the field of Yoga in Canada. She has a vast acumen and experience in Hatha yoga, yoga classes, and Pilates workout.

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