It’s that time of year again, when Cupid grabs his bow and arrows and goes to town. Millions of love-struck hopefuls will wait in anticipation of receiving a card or gift from an admirer, or perhaps they’ll be the actual sender and feel the flutter of dread as their message is posted, no going back… Even the happy couples will be feeling the love, eager to please their loved ones with cards, flowers and gifts. How about pleasing your man by smelling sexy, a gift in itself – tease his senses and tantalise his every fibre of being with a sensual and salacious perfume. Listed below are 5 perfumes perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Victoria’s Secret – Very Sexy

This extremely popular perfume exudes sex appeal thanks to its gorgeous vanilla scents. Thrown in some juicy fruits and it deepens and becomes seductive and rich, its base notes of woods and amber combining with the vanilla (a scent naturally loved by men), finally transforming it into something irresistible – perfect for cuddling on the sofa with a soppy movie.

Anna Sui – Night Of Fancy

Night Of Fancy is a fruity aroma sure to get you a bit of what you fancy. It consists of notes of blueberry mixed with accords of grapefruit and strawberries. Its heart throbs jasmine, whilst bass notes of milkshake, olibanum and Cashmeran. This stunning edition is designed in the form of peacock for its top, whilst the glass body is decorated with floral patterns.

Elizabeth Arden – Pretty Hot

This pretty and romantic fragrance is inspired by the sexy floral notes of Belle de Nuite’s red petals – it “explodes like a firework in the night sky.” Exotic fruits blood orange and red currants open the fragrance, whilst the heart beats the scents of Belle de Nuite: red peony, pimento blossom and petalia. Warm and sensuous amber and white patchouli add nuances of sexy musk, perfect for the day of passion.

Playboy – Play It Sexy

Play It Sexy is an Oriental aroma, gravitating towards a heavier muskier scent. Its opening composition is a blend if spicy cloves and liquorice. Sensual vanilla, warm patchouli, sandalwood and Tonka bean round this perfume off as a scent that would make a man want to either lick or eat you.

Lanvin – Marry Me

Perfumer Antoine Maisondieu added sensual hints of musk to this concoction, capturing the euphoric feelings of hope and infatuation that come with a first date. Fruity notes of peach and orange are mixed with freesia, magnolia and jasmine. They key sexy ingredient here is the warming musky amber, a scent that will have a man yearning to nuzzle at your neck.


So ladies, I hope you try these love potions out and experiment in finding that perfect perfume for Valentine’s Day. Hit the high streets or go online and find a sexy fragrance that will have your man on his knees.

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