Shopping for shoes online can be incredibly convenient. Why feel stressed out making your way through hordes of women and fashionistas fighting over the last sale pair of sparkly stilettos when you can shop from the comfort of your home computer with a glass of wine?

Although, while shopping online has its benefits, it certainly isn’t without its problems also and can introduce additional elements of complexity into the picture. This guide to buying shoes online will help you overcome any hurdle that the online shopping world may present you with, so never again will you have to worry about returns when the item you receive isn’t quite what you expected.

The great thing about shopping for shoes online is that you can buy all aspects of your purchase this way – from the shoes themselves, to buying shoelaces online  to change up the design or replace the old ones later.

This also gives you the opportunity to review several styles and colors at once so you can buy both your work to drinks shoe and your comfy new sneakers with just a few clicks.

1. Have a good understanding of your size.

This is arguably the most important factor when it comes to buying shoes online. Afterall, you cannot try them on and make sure that they fit, and that you feel comfortable in them like you can when you are shopping in a retail store.  

Ensure that you have a good understanding of your size before you let the shopping commence – including factors like whether you have a wide set foot (since some brands may not necessarily accommodate to this meaning that you have to opt for a larger size). Fashion footwear can look good and still support your feet so consider which brands have worked for you in the past.

You should also remember that different brands utilise different size charts – so, a size 4 in one brand might actually be the same as a size 3 in another. If you are considering buying shoes from a brand that you have never previously bought from, then you should really visit their store and familiarise yourself with the way that their sizes run before you click the buy button, because no-one wants to deal with the hassle of sending things back to the store after a purchase has been made.

How to Shop for Shoes Online

2. Understand International Conversions

On a similar note to being aware of your shoe size, try to ensure that you are informed about what your specific size correlates to internationally if you are shopping from a foreign brand. For instance, who doesn’t love Italian designer shoes and stylish European boots? However the difference in sizing charts can be a minefield. Fortunately many online retailers have conversion charts on their websites so that you can easily understand the size that you need.

3. Familiarize Yourself With the Brand’s Return Policy

With the best will in the world, sometimes incidents do happen. Perhaps the shoes that you purchased fit your feet but the color looks different in real life as compared to how it looked on your computer screen. Perhaps what you thought was a nice subtle pastel pink is alarmingly red and has you feeling like a fire truck. Alternatively maybe the shoes pinch your feet and you just don’t feel comfortable with them.

Different online retailers have different return policies – some are rather strict whereas you will find others to be quite lenient but ensure that you are aware about the specifics of the return policy before you buy so that you do not risk winding up with a pair of shoes that simply live in your closet unworn for all eternity.

4. Shop Around Before You Buy

If you have a particular style of shoe in mind, browse a few websites before you commit to making a purchase. You may note that prices vary rather significantly from one online retailer to another and, though you cannot put a price on the feeling of finding the perfect shoe that you fall in love with immediately, nobody likes feeling as though they’ve paid above the odds. This stands true for branded products also – if you are shopping via a department stores online store then you may find that you are able to find the same pair of shoes for a substantially lower rate when you check out a stores competitor.

How to Shop for Shoes Online

5. Protect Yourself Online

Shopping online is relatively mainstream these days and as such, provided that you exert basic common sense then the risk of having your sensitive information stolen ought to be minimal. That said, it’s worth keeping in mind a few precautions to look out for to stay safe online . For example, as a rule of thumb, try and check that the site you are buying from uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The majority of websites do utilise this, and you ought to find the information about it detailed within the small print at the bottom of the website display.

Using an online payment site such as PayPal also adds an additional level of security to your purchase if you are slightly apprehensive about sharing your credit or debit card details directly with a retailer.

Using an online payment site such as PayPal also adds an additional level of security to your purchase if you are slightly apprehensive about sharing your credit or debit card details directly with a retailer. It should go without saying that you should never share any personal banking information with the retailer – i.e. information that would enable someone else to access or use your accounts. As standard, you should only be required to input your name, card number, expiry date and CCV (i.e. the number on the back of the card).

6. Check the Retailer’s Reputation

If you haven’t purchased something from a particular retailer before then it’s worth doing a little background check online to be sure that you know who you are dealing with. This rings especially true if you are making a purchase in light of an event – ie shoes to be bought for a wedding or a party. Wouldn’t it be dreadful to place an order and have it fall into the abyss with your items not being delivered for weeks or months on end? Check reviews from previous customers to provide yourself with reassurance that you will receive the correct items, and in a timely manner. (you can simply Google the site’s name along with the word “review’ to pull up information)

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